Farooq Kahalil SAP TrainingIn the first installment of this 2 part series Michael Management outlined two key factors in implementing a successful ERP model: Process deep-dive and User documentation. Understanding the ERP progress fully by engaging in trial runs early on will ensure that the process runs smoothly and you have the most effective training covered. This is will also help you develop the documentation tools needed to ensure your students get the most out of their training sessions. In this installment Michael Management will cover the two additional integral points in executing a successful ERP implementation:

Human support

SAP Super Users, as we called them, are well-trained representatives from each department and/or business unit, assigned the task of providing prompt hands on assistance to users where required. Essentially, from a user perspective, they serve as level 1 support. They have a clear escalation channel ahead of them, to further ensure your users know where to go for help when needed. Outside of providing user support and valuable feedback in a live environment, these resources provide inside information on expected challenges early on. They are, in fact, critical from the initial stages when you are looking to deep-dive into existing processes.

Address the human element

When you’re looking to update your business with a new ERP system, it is critical to align your employees with your agenda. There could be an infinite number of possible questions and thoughts running through their mind: ‘are we going to be made redundant?’ ‘We’re doing quite well, how will using an ERP help the business do any better?’ ‘There’s so much change to adapt to, what’s in it for me?’ Sell the idea to your employees, explain the business benefits, assign monetary benefits wherever possible, and keep them engaged in the process. Once they’re on board and equipped, you have the recipe for success.

As you can see, an effective ERP system can greatly improve efficiency and streamline many of your business processes, and it’s not as difficult to implment as it seems. Training your employees to utilize the system efficiently is also easy. Michael Management has developed SAP training courses that can be completed online. There are a variety of training modules that cover all aspects of SAP functionality, so whether it’s an SAP for beginners, or something more advanced, it’s easy to tailor the eLearning experience to your organization’s needs.

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