ECC Dedicated Clients

Don't like to share? Then sign up for your very own dedicated SAP access that only you will have access to.

Quarterly Yearly (Save 20%)

Dedicated SAP ECC 6.0 with ABAP Remote Client Access

  • Your own ECC 6.0 system with ABAP Workbench, all configuration & end user transactions and sample data.
  • Includes 5 user IDs (1 with ABAP access), sample configuration and data.
  • Additional User IDs and OSS access available
  • Full access to all end user and configuration transactions (except system administration and user maintenance).
  • Set up your own configuration or scenarios without having to worry about others changing or deleting your settings

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What's Included?

Dedicated Client: SAP S/4HANA with Fiori & ABAP

You get your own SAP S/4 HANA client that nobody else has access to. You can create your own configuration scenarios and master data without having to worry about sharing this with other users. Also, 1 of your 5 user IDs will have access to the ABAP Workbench (additional ABAP users available for a fee).

The system already contains SAP's Business Best Practices (BBP) including basic configuration, sample master records (i.e. vendors, customers, materials, etc.) and transactions (i.e. invoices, payments, purchase orders, etc.).

Dedicated SAP S/4HANA Client

With this subscription you'll get your very own SAP S/4HANA client just for you - nobody else will have access to it.

ABAP Access & Workbench

Developer's access key to the ABAP Workbench. Create your own SAP ABAP programs, development objects and applications.

SAP Fiori

Login to SAP's newest browser-based user interface. Stunning visual displays make working with Fiori easy and fun.

Configuration & Sample Data

We already installed the standard SAP business scenarios, including basic configuration and sample master data & transactions.

SAP Access Questions & Answers

What is the difference between individual and private SAP access?

When you sign up for individual SAP access you will be assigned a user ID in our public, shared...

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What database does SAP ERP use?

SAP's ERP system can run on different databases, depending on the release.SAP ECC 6.0 suppo...

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Can I create my own configuration, master records and transactions?

Yes, you have full access to the configuration menu and can create your own set up as you see f...

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