Woman Working
1/20/2020  by Claire Albaum Posted in  Job Tips

One of the most popular questions our customer service team is asked is, “How do I become a Certified SAP Specialist?” followed closely behind by, “How do I become a certified SAP Consultant?” and, “How do I become an SAP FICO Consultant?” What a lot of people do not understand is that SAP is a very in-depth, complex, software comprised of many, many modules. Saying that you want to be a Certified SAP Specialist ...

Woman Working
1/13/2020  by Amy ODonnell Posted in  Job Tips

In the last blog, we discussed productivity hacks for working, and briefly touched on email. Here, we’ll take expand on it. Let’s face it—email can be overwhelming and take up way too much time. Get caught on a spiraling email thread and you may never get any work done. So how do you deal with it all? It may feel like trying to manage a tornado. Maybe you can’t help yourself when you see that notification that there’s ...

SAP training picture
1/6/2020  by Leslie Bass Posted in  Learning & Development

Congratulations – your company is moving forward with initiatives for SAP Training this year! So, what goals have you put around your initial SAP training plan? It always works well to start with the end in mind. This means laying out your learning goals with a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished and then setting active tasks to make those goals happen. Have you seen our free Manager’s Guide to SAP Training? If you ...

People Working
1/3/2020  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in Job Tips

Do you ever think about finding a better way to do something? Do you ever wish you could get more done, ...

2 Guys and a Laptop
12/24/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in Learning & Development

How many of us used to be good at math but nowadays reach for a calculator or an app on our phone to ...

12/20/2019  by China Martens
Posted in Learning & Development

It’s surprisingly easy to be smart after the fact. Unfortunately, when it comes to providing employees ...

Best SAP blogs in 2019
12/19/2019  by Thomas Michael
Posted in MMC News

Each year we write and publish dozens of blog articles in categories like SAP, Job Tips, Learning & ...

Man learning SAP
12/16/2019  by Thomas Michael
Posted in SAP

It’s that time of year again…the year is almost over and we’re busy wrapping up things, ...

happy man at work
12/6/2019  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in Job Tips

What makes for a happy, productive workday for you? Here at Michael Management, we want our employees ...

team members
12/5/2019  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in Job Tips

Managing a team entails dealing with a number of things that you may never have experienced before. ...

man with headphones
12/2/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in SAP

Microlearning has received a lot of buzz and praise in the last few years as being the future of online training. Microlearning ...

11/25/2019  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in Job Tips

So you’ve done your research and due diligence, considered all the possibilities, and decided ...

11/18/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in Job Tips

With workplace digitalization on the rise, stress at work is increasing as well. While technology has ...

11/4/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in SAP

So, you’ve heard that SAP is a good career choice, with a plethora of opportunities and a competitive ...

Digital Nomad
10/24/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in Job Tips

When you hear, ‘digital nomad’, what picture comes to mind? For me, the picture to the left ...

Thomas Michael, CEO Michael Management Corporation
10/14/2019  by Thomas Michael
Posted in MMC News

Part of running an SAP eLearning company is creating jobs and contributing positively to the world, ...

SAP error message
10/8/2019  by Thomas Michael
Posted in SAP

If you have been working with SAP for more than a few weeks you know that sooner or later, you will ...

people using soft skills at work
10/7/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in Job Tips

As technology increases, our ability to use soft skills in interactions with other people becomes even ...

CEO Thomas Michael
10/4/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in MMC News

When you picture the CEO of Michael Management, what do you envision? Perhaps a fancy suit-wearing ...

adult learners
9/30/2019  by Lori Moriarty
Posted in Learning & Development

A highly trained workforce benefits the employer in multiple ways. Research shows that educated workers ...

Remote Worker
9/27/2019  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in Job Tips

Remote workers are more than just a trend. A recent Freelancer’s Union survey showed that in NYC ...