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4/7/2020  by Lorraine Grula Posted in  Job Tips

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Let’s acknowledge that and take a second to congratulate ourselves. Seriously. I honestly think it's a good idea to be our own best cheerleader, especially if we also have the opposite habit of being our own worst critic.     You set career goals and reached them, or most of them anyway. You really like where you are today! You’ve got a comfortable job in ...

4/2/2020  by Lorraine Grula Posted in  Job Tips

There you are – looking amazing in your most perfect business outfit, fresh resume in hand, anxiously awaiting your must-have job interview for the dream job of a lifetime.  OK, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic. Even if it isn’t the greatest job on the planet, it’s a good one and you want it. You need it.  How are you going to use this interview to stand out from the crowd, so that you’re selected as the ...

3/25/2020  by Lorraine Grula Posted in  Job Tips

The world is in crisis due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Everywhere you look, you see evidence that the world has entered uncharted territory. Businesses closed, people quarantined, grocery shelves bare. If this were a movie, I think it’d be time for a scene of people screaming out of control and crazy with panic.  That, of course, would make a bad situation worse. Panic never helps. We all know that, but fear is a natural response ...

3/18/2020  by Lorraine Grula
Posted in Job Tips

What a difference a virus can make! All over the world, people are isolating themselves due to the ...

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3/17/2020  by Jon Simmonds
Posted in Job Tips

Are you self-isolating, or out of necessity, now working from a home office? You are not alone. Even ...

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3/16/2020  by Lorraine Grula
Posted in Job Tips

Glossophobia. Sounds a tad scary, doesn't it? Have you ever heard of it? It is not fear of lip gloss. ...

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3/12/2020  by Lorraine Grula
Posted in Job Tips

Do you sometimes feel like your career is not all it's cracked up to be? Many folks do. :(  So, ...

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3/6/2020  by Paul  Hardy
Posted in SAP

When you finish writing a new ABAP program it starts off as a thing of beauty. It does the one thing ...

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3/2/2020  by Lorraine Grula
Posted in Job Tips

Teamwork is the bedrock of any business endeavor.  Research by Gallup shows how much the bottom ...