Certified SAP Professional

This form allows you to validate a training certificate ID.

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Being certified in SAP shows employers that you are a dedicated SAP professional with up-to-date skills. So, besides the elevated prestige and status that comes with an SAP certification, being certified can boost your salary and career.

Where do I find the Certificate ID number?

What does it mean to be a Certified SAP Professional? 95% of SAP professionals said that being certified in SAP would help them in their careers. An SAP certification is a competitive edge in a competitive industry. It's an achievement that can lead to job security and prosperity. When you complete one of our award-winning SAP training courses, and pass the final exam, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion to show that you have proficient knowledge of the topic. Our final exams are hard (in fact, 40% of students fail on the first attempt), so being certified means you really must learn the information presented. Each Certificate includes a unique ID number which can be validated on this form.

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