ECC 6.0 with Ehp 8 on HANA

Take your SAP training to the next level with access to real SAP systems.

Monthly Yearly (Save over 20%!)

SAP ECC 6.0 with EhP 8 on HANA Remote Server Access

  • Login to ECC 6.0 via Web GUI or SAP GUI
  • Remote access to our SAP ECC 6 system with the latest enhancement pack.
  • Enhancement Pack 8 on the HANA database.
  • Full configuration access and sample data included (full IDES data set).

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SAP Access Questions & Answers

How can I change the default browser in the SAP GUI

By default, SAP uses the old (and no longer supported) Microsoft Internet Explorer as a browser...

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How do I change the default language in the SAP GUI?

At logon screen, click “Hamburger menu” in the upper left corner. Under SAP LOG...

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How can I turn on the OK Code field in the SAP Web GUI?

By default, the OK Code field is not visible in the SAP Belize theme - meaning that you cannot ...

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