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The online training at MMC is nothing short of amazing. I can now pull our reports easily & quickly troubleshoot and identify SAP errors with more clarity and speed.

Samuel Gitonga
FICO Consultant
Simba Corporation Limited

The material is put together very nicely and I find the simulation aspect of the courses to be more beneficial than screenshots in PowerPoint.

Lauren Kessler
SAP Specialist
Navy ERP Business Office

MMC`s training courses are the ideal way of learning thanks to 365 days availability to practice.

Kathir Kamatchi
Operations and Project Manager

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If You Lost Your Job Due to Coronavirus, Here's Some Good News

First, let me say I am dreadfully sorry if you are one of the millions who have experienced sudden unemployment due to the worldwide efforts to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.   In America, millions were unemployed overnight.  The US Department of Labor estimates at least 16 million people lost their jobs in just a 3-week time span, part of the most shocking job losses in history.      Entertaining ...

Lorraine Grula Posted on 5/28/2020
by Lorraine  Grula

How to find obsolete transactions in S/4HANA

Many transactions have been deprecated in SAP S/4HANA from ERP6.0. In fact, there are too many obsolete transactions in S4HANA to list in this article. One of the frustrations is that SAP does not really provide an easy way of identifying these obsolete tcodes.  In this short article I'll show you how you can find these deprecated transaction codes quickly and how you can compare your ECC 6 with the S/4HANA system. These obsolete transaction ...

Jon Simmonds Posted on 5/26/2020
by Jon  Simmonds

How to Automate Payment Matching and Invoice Clearing with SAP Machine Learning

Is your organization’s Accounts Receivable department waging a regular battle to manually reduce an ever-increasing pile (figuratively, not literally) of customer payments but not able to clear your customer invoices in a timely and/or accurate manner? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you are not in a minority. If your enterprise operates in a high-transaction environment (such as retail, fashion, etc.) that consists of hundreds ...

Anurag Barua Posted on 5/21/2020
by Anurag  Barua