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Student feedback.

This course taught me a lot about the SD side of setup and maintenance.

Thomas Smith
Transportation Specialist
Manitowoc Cranes

I`ve learned more in one month taking these courses than I ever received trying to read the SAP manuals!

Kenneth Cote
Global Cost Accountant
ASR Group

MMC`s training is very intuitive for navigation. A lot of effort is put in designing these courses in an interactive way.

Ruben Marquez
SAP Business Analyst

Recent Blog Articles

Stay up to date with our SAP training blog and share your thoughts on top trending topics related to your SAP career.

What Are The Main SAP Modules?

One of the very first questions you'll hear from a client is, 'what SAP modules work best our budget and our business'? That is an appropriate and essential question. However, the answer is a bit long-winded because there are a lot of different modules in the SAP ERP system (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning). Each module typically consists of master data, transactions, reports, and provides critical functions for a specific business ...

Ashikul Alam Posted on 1/15/2021
by Ashikul  Alam

Multiple Dependent Data Validation Drop-down Lists

Data Validation drop-down lists are a powerful Excel feature. Creating a list of items for the user to select from is not only an efficient way to input data into a cell but also ensures that the data going into the cell is the same every time, helping to keep the spreadsheet error-free and consistent.  In the above example, I have created a single data validation drop-down list to make it simple for anyone to select an app and input ...

Simon Calder Posted on 1/12/2021
by Simon  Calder

Make These Brexit Changes In Your SAP System

As you know, the UK voted to leave the EU back in June 2016. And now that Brexit is a totally done deal, there are certain changes you will have to implement in your SAP S/4HANA system to comply with the new EU rules and trade agreements. The UK has left the EU and thus, became a 'third country' for the European countries. All cross-border transactions between EU and GB (excluding Northern-Ireland) are classified as imports and exports. In ...

Ugur Hasdemir Posted on 1/8/2021
by Ugur  Hasdemir