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SAP for Financial Professionals: 5 Steps to Get Started

Systems applications and products (SAP) is one of the best-known and most widely-used corporate software suites. It’s legendary for its uses in everything from information systems to human resources — and that includes finance. SAP for financial professionals can be a different beast from it's other uses. Finance is not inherently a technical industry, though technology has certainly changed it substantially over the past few decades.  As ...

Michael Management Posted on 6/16/2021
by Michael  Management

SAP S/4HANA Fiori App for GUI transaction - Controlling

This is the third in a series of quick lookups for some of the most common GUI transactions that have been rewritten for S/4HANA. The first was covered the general ledger and asset accounting, the second covered accounts payable and accounts receivable and this one is for Controlling. There are still a number of areas that use the GUI transaction, so I have only covered transactions where there is a clear mapping to a new Fiori app. Classic GUI ...

Oona Flanagan Posted on 6/15/2021
by Oona  Flanagan

How to Become an SAP Accounts Payable Specialist

Are you looking to start a career in corporate finance work? Have you heard about the challenging, rewarding, and lucrative potential that systems applications and products (SAP) presents for those working in accounts payable? You’re not alone. In fact, many financial experts who work in the accounts payable space are pursuing SAP Training for the career value (and the bigger paycheck) that comes from a specialized certification. So what ...

Michael Management Posted on 6/8/2021
by Michael  Management