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Thank you for the dedication to customer satisfaction by your dedicated staff and the excellent quality of your training programs.

Eduard Martinez

Great comprehensive courses!

Mark Anthony Velasco
QA Manager
CHS Inc.

MMC training is much more user friendly & interesting than SAP learning Hub.

Ashutosh Singh
SAP FICO Consultant

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Top 5 SAP Buzzwords You Need to Know

Every industry comes with its own set of jargon, and the technology industry is no exception. In fact, the SAP industry may have one of the most complicated terminologies of all! Adopting new technologies isn’t precisely the same thing as being literate in them. We may know these technologies exist and throw their names around, but we don’t always understand the technicalities. As an SAP professional, it’s your job to stay on ...

Michael Management Posted on 2/23/2021
by Michael  Management

3 Steps to Adding SAP GUI Scripting to Your Developer Skill Stack

Systems Analysis Program Development (SAP) is one of the world’s most recognized creators of business support software in the world. Created for versatility, customization, and the digital power to help businesses grow, SAP is a robust software environment that requires the skills and hard work of many in order for a company to make the most of it. As a result, it should be no surprise that it entails its own graphical user interface (GUI) ...

Michael Management Posted on 2/18/2021
by Michael  Management

SAP Batch Management Functionality and Configuration

My Batch number was ‘07C’ when I was in college. There were thousands of students at my college, ‘07C’ is the number that defines some particular students only. SAP Batch Management is used for a similar functionality: to identify a material by a unique number that possesses some specified information.   Functional Usage This functionality is activated in SAP based on the business requirement that products produced ...

Ashikul Alam Posted on 2/16/2021
by Ashikul  Alam