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Student feedback.

I have enjoyed your SAP access and it has been very reliable and performance was very good.

Bob Chicvak
Supply Chain Optimization and Predictive Analytics

I have used SAP for 6 years and this training still gave me some new tools to use on my job. This training is not only for beginners but users who just need a refresher in SAP.

Tim Dyszkiewicz
Whirlpool Corporation

I was offered a job today supporting a SAP Payroll implementation (which will involve teaching users to use SAP Payroll) so it’s great to have the experience of this course to add to my SAP skills.

Jennine Brown
SAP GRC Administrator
NSW Department of Education

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Creating Outline Agreements in SAP

A contract, of course, is an agreement between a vendor and a buyer. A contract is known as an “Outline Agreement” in SAP terms. The vendor agrees to provide certain goods/products to the buyer during the agreed period and for the agreed terms. On the other hand, the buyer is also responsible to purchase the agreed-upon quantities under the terms and conditions specified in the outline agreement. In this article, we will outline ...

Michael Management Posted on 12/2/2021
by Michael  Management

New Courses November 2021

Do you need to configure your Purchase to Pay process in S/4HANA - we have a great course this month by one of our top instructors. Also, check out BP creation using Odata services, more courses in Spanish, and lots of new topics in Personal Development.   Topics in SAP and S/4HANA S/4 HANA Configuring Purchase to Pay This course is designed for business and technical users who are looking to gain knowledge in configuring the Purchase ...

Leslie Bass Posted on 12/1/2021
by Leslie  Bass

SAP Networking 101: A Blueprint to Getting Noticed

SAP has garnered a positive, ambitious, and exciting community around itself in terms of professionals who are always looking for the next step. This makes becoming an SAP expert an excellent opportunity for anyone who likes to network within the context of a common professional element. SAP gives a natural starting point to professionals who like to meet one another and understand the ways in which each other works. However, there’s ...

Michael Management Posted on 11/22/2021
by Michael  Management