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Kamaraju Turaga
Strategy Leader
DigitalPaths did a fantastic job!

Angela Seo
Tax Director
Trader Joe's

I`ve learned more in one month taking these courses than I ever received trying to read the SAP manuals!

Kenneth Cote
Global Cost Accountant
ASR Group

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17 Tips & Tricks for every SAP User

No matter what SAP user group you belong to, everyone wants to know the easy way to us SAP products. Often people tell me after one of my courses, "I wish I knew that 2 years ago, it would have saved my tons of time and frustration".  On one of my many business trips, chatting with the man in the seat next to me, we discussed what we do for work. He was a planner, and when he found out I am an SAP Educator, he said, "I have ...

Greg  Olynyk Posted on 7/14/2020
by Greg   Olynyk

How to Successfully Incorporate New Habits Into Your Daily Routine

Humans are creatures of habit!  That’s not a criticism, it’s an observation you can embrace to make your day run more smoothly.  Now granted, habits can be good or bad.  Put down that beer, it’s not playtime yet!  French fries for breakfast?  I don’t think so!  Today we’re going to talk about developing good habits and maybe even getting rid of some bad ones.      What ...

Lorraine Grula Posted on 7/9/2020
by Lorraine  Grula

Learn SAP ABAP Tips & Tricks

With vast experience in SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), we have come up with a few tips and tricks that an ABAP Developer can use in his day-to-day work with ABAP development tools (i.e. ABAP Workbench) to enhance the quality and speed of development. Most SAP software is written in ABAP - it is the object -oriented programming language for SAP applications. Below is a mix of tips that can be used for performance management, ...

Ronak Hingorani Posted on 7/7/2020
by Ronak  Hingorani