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4/17/2020  by Claire Albaum Posted in  Learning & Development

Seeing as I’m writing a blog on how to succeed as a training manager, I’m sure you can guess what my job role at Michael Management is. I work with all of our SAP instructors, and I've recently started a new pilot program, our SAP Live Training. In short, I manage (almost) all aspects of setting up our training at MMC. Now comes the important question, ‘who am I to say what makes a successful training manager?’ Am I ...

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1/6/2020  by Leslie Bass Posted in  Learning & Development

Congratulations – your company is moving forward with initiatives for SAP Training this year! So, what goals have you put around your initial SAP training plan? It always works well to start with the end in mind. This means laying out your learning goals with a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished and then setting active tasks to make those goals happen. Have you seen our free Manager’s Guide to SAP Training? If you ...

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12/24/2019  by Claire Albaum Posted in  Learning & Development

How many of us used to be good at math but nowadays reach for a calculator or an app on our phone to get those figures we need? How many of us used to have nice, legible handwriting but now cannot even read our own (rarely) handwritten notes or grocery lists? The reasoning behind these changes is really very simple: You have to use it, or you will lose it! This is no doubt the case with technology as well, especially the broader and more ...

12/20/2019  by China Martens
Posted in Learning & Development

It’s surprisingly easy to be smart after the fact. Unfortunately, when it comes to providing employees ...

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12/2/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in Learning & Development

Microlearning has received a lot of buzz and praise in the last few years as being the future of online training. Microlearning ...

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9/30/2019  by Lori Moriarty
Posted in Learning & Development

A highly trained workforce benefits the employer in multiple ways. Research shows that educated workers ...

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9/5/2019  by Leslie Bass
Posted in Learning & Development

Making sure you or employees that work for you are productive on any workday can be a difficult task. ...

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8/15/2019  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in Learning & Development

It’s one of the conundrums of modern life—people need to take additional training, but they ...

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7/30/2019  by Claire Albaum
Posted in Learning & Development

As I was driving towards San Francisco last weekend, I saw a Prudential billboard that read, ‘Millennials ...