Computer and cactus What's the first thing a job recruiter would ask a person looking for a job?  After “how are you?” it’d probably something along the lines of: “What work experience do you have?”   

What experience someone has will determine what kind of job they can get -  that’s job hunting 101.  

Experience is what counts.  

So how do you get experience in the first place?  Especially if no one will hire you without that experience!  A chicken and egg conundrum if there ever was one. 


Experiential Learning is the Most Effective Learning

Experience = learning how to do something.  People learn by doing.  Any school teacher will tell you that.  It’s one thing to hear about something or read about it, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually DO it.  If you do it, you’re much more likely to understand and remember.  

Back to that pesky job recruiter!  If you say, “I took a training course,” he might nod and mumble OK.  If you say you have hands-on practical experience, his ears will perk up.     

Experience is what really counts if you want to have professional experience worthy of putting in a resume.  

The best training courses are ones that also provide a way for you to gain practical, hands-on experience.  That's why people often do internships as part of their college training requirements.  Classes, lectures, and tests can only provide so much learning.  Doing is necessary.  

Our SAP online training courses are designed with practical, hands-on experience in mind.  


What is an SAP Sandbox and Why Do I Need One?

Our extensive library of SAP training courses includes SAP sandboxes so you can get the experience you need to really polish your skills. 

A sandbox is a digital environment that’s “off-the-grid” so to speak.  A digital sandbox looks, acts, and performs like the real thing.  It IS the real thing, it's just not hooked up to any real business.  The entire purpose of a digital sandbox is to give people a chance to experiment and learn what they’re doing without messing anything up in the process.    


Watch this short video to get a quick SAP access walk-through and hear the most common questions & answers:


Learning anything new is a trial and error process.  You have to be allowed the freedom to make mistakes if you are really going to dig in and really figure something out.  Especially if that something is a bit complex with half a dozen different ways to do something, which of course describes SAP software systems to the T!  

If you’re trying to learn SAP accounting software, you don't want to work in real accounts where a mistake could be disastrous.  Oops, I just deleted the entire month of July out of Mr. Smith’s account!  Oh well, who needs July?  

If your goal is to learn any aspect of SAP software, then hands-on practical experience in a safe learning environment is truly essential.  

Go forth and be curious!  Hop in the SAP sandbox and get the real-world experience you need to become an SAP software professional.

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Lorraine Grula is a curious and compassionate Okie native who grew up on politics and science. She loves to read, write and study the world and shares her insights in our blog.
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