Woman WorkingPeople learn by DOING!  Anybody who has ever studied how people learn new skills will tell you that.  

Lectures are often an ineffective, boring way to learn, but don’t tell my college professor dad I said that!   Reading is more effective for learning than a lecture, and watching a demo is better than reading by itself, but neither one is as effective as DOING IT.  

So any training regiment should include activities or ways for you to practice what you are supposed to be learning.  Doing a task reinforces your ability to understand and remember the task.  

The more complex it is, the more steps, variables, and sequences there are for accomplishing a task, the more important it is for any learner to actually do the task and practice it repeatedly in a safe environment where there are no damaging repercussions for error.  

If you can’t make mistakes, you can’t learn effectively!       


What Is A SAP Sandbox And Why Does It Matter?  

When it comes to digital learning, you need what’s called a sandbox for practicing.  A sandbox is a type of software testing environment that lets you work “off the grid” so to speak.  

If you're working in a sandbox, it is designed and maintained as a “play” area, so nothing will affect anything real. You can learn, make mistakes, and play around without accidentally wiping out a year’s worth of accounts or something fun like that.   

In an SAP sandbox, you can experiment, test, practice, push the boundaries, and do all kinds of things you would not dare do in a functioning SAP system.  

A sandbox is a tool that allows you to learn what you’re doing in a real environment, but it’s isolated so it allows for independent evaluation, monitoring, or testing. 

You can think of a sandbox as akin to a test server, development server, or working directory.

Having a practice field makes a world of difference if you’re trying to learn a complex software system like SAP.  


Not All SAP Software Training Provides a Sandbox!  

The SAP training we offer at Michael Management provides the critical sandbox learning environment you need to gain the confidence to really know what you’re doing. 

Not all SAP training programs include a sandbox.  Even when they do, they punch a timeclock and track every single second you work, and then kick you off when you reach your prepaid max.  

With our SAP training courses, you get a built-in sandbox system that you can access anytime, anywhere, anyhow.  Well, not anyHOW.  You have to have the internet.  :)  


There’s No Time Like the Present

If you’re one of the millions worldwide who use SAP software in your work life, you can supplement what you know, raise your profile at work, and maybe even get a raise if you become more adept at the powerful SAP systems.  

Some people have extra time on their hands these days because of the stay-at-home orders and shutdown of so many businesses.

If that’s you, consider using the time wisely to increase, or even begin your training in SAP software.  With our SAP training and sandbox practice systems, you could learn important new SAP job skills and get the all-important hands-on experience you actually need

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