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No foolin’ - we had a busy month! We expanded our Spanish course library, learned more about debugging SAP, and increased our knowledge of SAP Treasury & Risk Management. We also found out how our personality types help us communicate better with others – great to know when you are writing emails and participating in meetings!


Topics in SAP and S/4HANA

SAP (PP) Module - Master Data Setup

Learn all the master data set up required for the smooth functioning of both planning and execution in the production process. The course has a detailed explanation of the concepts behind master data and also the function and features of each master data element. A system demo on SAP 2020 version is part of the course and each of the master data elements will be created.

A Beginner's Guide to Debugging in SAP

Being able to read, understand and debug SAP ABAP code is a critical skill set for anyone working with SAP. Today's companies are expecting their SAP consultants to be able to quickly resolve issues, and the key to this is to be able to debug ABAP. You could use your time to learn to code ABAP, or you can just learn to debug it!

Introduction to SAP Vehicle Management System

Our first VMS course! This course provides an introduction to the SAP Vehicle Management System which is now available in S/4HANA. In addition to navigating through the VELO transaction which is the core of the VMS solution, the course will explain how to create the necessary master data and perform initial IMG configuration steps to enable a simple business process.

Opentext Vendor Invoice Management

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management is an add-on solution to SAP S/4HANA on Premise to provide automation of invoice processing, routing of invoice exceptions, managing of processing rules, and monitoring of process flows. This course will teach you about VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) process flow as well as VIM configuration. You will gain the confidence to implement and support a VIM project by learning the end-to-end VIM process flow.

Trade Finance in SAP Treasury & Risk Management

The course is a functional overview of trade finance management from a business perspective. We look at key master data that drives trade finance processing, how to create, settle, pay and report on a trade finance instrument in the system, both from an issuer and beneficiary’s perspective. We will also look at the ability to link these off-balance sheet instruments to logistical information, bank facilities, and their impact on available balances.

Remote Execution of an SAP Implementation

Take an interesting look at the challenges of implementing SAP with a virtual team whose members sit remotely in individual locations across the globe. A business case simulation looks at the possible challenges and how to address them in a situation such as the Covid-19 Pandemic. After an introduction to the challenges, subsequent lessons explain the preparation needed before starting the execution, how the project is executed, and what lessons were learned.

SAP SuccessFactors

Metadata Framework, Business rules/Configuration in SuccessFactors

This course will discuss business configuration concepts as we cover the SuccessFactors Metadata Framework, features, and limitations and discuss how you can manage Business Rules. In a SuccessFactors Employee Central demo, we will demonstrate how to configure a new Custom Object Definition as well as a demo of a Business Rule and Warning Message Rule Logic creation.

Role-Based Permission in SuccessFactors Employee Central

This course will cover Role-Based Permission in SuccessFactors Employee Central. You will be introduced to the Role-Based Permission Concept and learn Basic Permission Roles/Groups. In a SuccessFactors demo, we will demonstrate the transactions for Creating Permission Groups and Roles. You will also learn the concepts of Administrator Types, how to Determine Access, Admin User, Security Admin, and the Super Admin role.

Topics in Personal Development – Business Skills

Salesforce Essentials

If your company has started using Salesforce and you need to get up to speed, this course is for you. The Instructor, a Certified Salesforce Administrator, walks you through using Salesforce for the first time. By the end of this course, you will be able to start using Salesforce to manage Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities and track your sales activity against these objects.

Microsoft Teams – Meetings

If someone told you you’d be comfortable collaborating and meeting virtually in less than 30 minutes, would you believe them? Believe it! We have a way for you to learn Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings so that it is just as easy and collaborative as your in-person gatherings. Learn the features for Microsoft Teams, which is quickly becoming the dominant meeting platform for businesses of all sizes.

Writing Effective Emails

Let’s face it, email is a fact of life. The average employee in the US receives 125 emails per day. The majority of professionals say email creates tension, confusion, and other negative consequences in their busy workdays. This course will help you to be part of the solution by identifying ways to write better and fewer emails, that will also ensure your emails are read, understood, and acted on.

Understanding Personality Types

We each encounter different types of people every day. Different isn’t necessarily difficult, everyone is unique. However, broadly speaking everyone can be categorized into different types according to their preferences and how they use them. This short course is for anyone interested in understanding different personality types. It will give you insights into your own preferences and how these build into your personality type. Understanding preferences and how they are expressed will help you to appreciate differences, work with these and communicate better with others.

Stronger Together: Delegation and Task Management

Delegation is perhaps the most important skill for a manager of people to learn and master. Delegation is challenging and it takes both commitment and an investment of time to get it right. In this course, you will follow a young team of learners on their path to learning delegation skills - proving it's never too early in life to learn this valuable skill! Gather your family team and learn the basics on how to create a delegation plan, hone your delegation skills and understand what task management tools you can use while delegating.

Learn Python - A Crash course for beginners

Python is the single most versatile programming language in existence. From automating simple tasks to making complex applications, Python has you all covered. Python is a high-level, object-oriented, interpreted programming language. In this course we will walk you through all you need to know to get you started coding in Python, walking over each technicality in detail. This will not only make you acquainted with Python code but let you master it.

Courses in Spanish

Primeros Pasos Para Aprender SAPui5

SAP S/4HANA PP - Planificacion de la Production

Que es SAP? Curso Basico de Introduccion


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