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Great SAP courses this month on topics that you don’t see often, like Report Painter and IDOC. Additionally, get years of experience in short courses on great tips and tricks from our experienced SAP instructors.



Topics in SAP and S/4HANA

Optimizing SAP: Tips and Tricks for Efficiency
The key to success in most software is simply to know what is possible, what can be optimized, methods of automation, and add-on apps to assist. You do not have to remember a lot of information, just knowing what resources are available is the key. This is an overview course that highlights Plant Maintenance transactions in some amazing, possibly advanced concepts or options with SAP and other related applications. Learn tips that will help you and/or your company "get into the fast lane", maximize efficiencies and reduce frustrations. 

Logistics Execution: Warehouse Management
In this course, we will review the SAP Warehouse Management module, both from a user perspective and from a configuration perspective (customizing). We will examine the integration of Warehouse transactions with functions in other SAP modules - Investment Management, Production Planning, and Quality Management (IM/PP/QM). 

SAP FI Report Painter
This course is designed to cover FI Report Painter reporting topics relating to SAP Financial Accounting Module. The lessons will teach you how to create a report within the SAP Accounts Receivable and Account Payable modules. You will learn how to customize reports in FI-AR and FI-AP based on your local or organizational business needs using SAP standard functionality.

An Introduction to SAP ALE/IDOC
Do you want to take your SAP knowledge to the next level? In this course, you will learn how to communicate from one SAP system to another using ALE IDOC. You will learn theories around SAP ALE IDOC and then we will configure ALE IDOC to transfer Material Master from one system to another.

SAP S/4HANA GUI - Notifications for Maintenance
This course covers what you need to know to create and manage maintenance notifications in SAP S4/HANA GUI. We review maintenance theory and SAP Navigation skills, and then get into how to search, report, and create notifications. 

Core Data Services for S/4HANA ABAP
This course will provide you with all the fundamentals needed to work in ABAP Core Data Services. It will give you plenty of hands-on examples that you can leverage in real projects. After completion of this course, you should be able to explore and work on any CDS Developments. Starting with Simple CDS, we will Dive Deeper into CDS concepts & exercises.

End-User Tips for SAP Fiori
This is an introductory Fiori course for users already familiar with the basic SAP GUI. We cover navigation options with app groups, tiles, and methods to locate the apps you want to use in Fiori. We address basic customization options you can use for your own Fiori Launchpad, groups, and tiles. 

Topics in Business Skills

User Stories: From Inception to Implementation
Communication is a two-way street. User Stories are currently the best tool for communicating business needs assuming they accurately express the business community’s perspective. Well-written, insightful User Stories are the foundation developers need to deliver digital solutions that support their business goals and objectives. 


Topics in Microsoft

Power BI - Beyond the Basics
Power BI is a robust Business Intelligence solution from Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations with a user-friendly interface ideal for those with a limited technical background to create their own dashboards. This intermediate course uses the Power BI Desktop version and is designed to be a follow-on from the Power BI Beginner course. 

Pivot Tables for Beginners
PivotTables is an essential Excel skill for jobs involving analyzing and visualizing big datasets. It is an interactive way of quickly summarizing large data by grouping and aggregation. We will discuss the importance of cleaning your data before creating your first Pivot Table, how to create Pivot Charts, and how to format Tables and Charts. This course is aimed at people brand-new to PivotTables but also helpful for those who have a rough knowledge of PivotTables. 

Topics in Other Programming

Fundamentals of Node.js
Node.js is an in-demand skill set that is built for performance. It allows you to build complex and powerful applications with JavaScript code, which makes the transition easier if you have a basic understanding of the language. This course will connect Node.js to a Mongo Database and do a full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete). It is a perfect solution for a full-stack developer dealing with backend work and databases used by large businesses - and is well worth learning!   

JavaScript Basics
This course is designed as a beginner's guide to using JavaScript to develop web content. The course will cover all of the basics of how to get started with JavaScript coding. JavaScript is an essential basic language used to create powerful web experiences. You'll learn about basic script tags and their implementation as well as how to create basic JavaScript experiences. 

Starting to Code in Python
This course will demonstrate the basics of coding Python using a step-by-step learning approach. You will walk through the fundamentals of Python using several projects where you can practice and develop your own coding skills. Included in this course is source code, so you will be equipped with everything you need to get started coding. Python is one of the most popular programming languages and is an ideal coding language for beginners.

Topics in French

SAP Outils de Reprise de Données (IBIP, LSMW, SHDB, MASS)
Dans cette formation, vous découvrirez les différents outils de reprises de données proposés par SAP. Nous définirons ainsi le fonctionnement des reprises de données dans l''univers SAP. De plus, nous utiliserons ainsi à travers plusieurs chapitres, les fonctionnalités IBIP, LSMW, SHDB et MASS. Par ailleurs, vous comprendrez également le fonctionnement BDC Batch Communication Data, aujourd'hui plus communément appelé Batch Input.

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