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Our instructors stepped up to the Fall Learning Challenge in September and brought us 18 new courses to help you in your business and SAP career! Our courses offered in Spanish grew by 4 more this month and we are working on many more options in the coming months.


Topics in SAP and S/4HANA

Service Management - Procurement and Sales

Learn in detail the service procurement process in SAP and also the lean selling of services using the sales order. We explain in detail the Master data setup for services with the adaption of master data in transactions shown as part of a system demo. Real-time scenarios have been taken for the system demo and end-to-end transactions have been created and explained in detail. 

FICO Transactional and Master Data Migration to S/4HANA

In this course, we discuss the migration of transactional data for General Ledger Balances and AP/AR open items. We will further understand the migration of Master data like GL Accounts, Profit Centers, or Cost Centers. The course helps you to answer the following questions - What templates are available for uploading data? How can I fix possible conversion errors? How will I validate my migrated objects? Also, we will discuss topics on how to browse your conversion projects.

Acquisitions, Invoicing, Warehouses & Accounting in S/4HANA

Learn the process flow in SAP of acquisitions and invoicing to order and dispatch products to and from the warehouse. We will discuss acquisitions, purchase orders, invoices, and accounting journals. After completing this course you will be equipped with a general overview of how journals control product costs, invoicing, deliveries from warehouses, how to send invoices to clients, as well as product acquisition and sales. Journal accounting is vital to the cash flow of accounts receivable and payable, and therefore an important topic to learn. 

Finance Enterprise Structures for New SAP Projects

In this short course, we introduce you to the basics of SAP Finance Enterprise Structure and map it in SAP with a real-life example. The course explores the stages of an SAP project, starting from the very beginning as a new consultant on a project. Finally, we introduce you to the most common users and their roles that are present during SAP projects.

Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning Overview

This course begins a series focusing on Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning (DDMRP) in SAP S/4HANA. This overview will focus on the high-level concepts of DDMRP in order to review what distinguishes DDMRP from MRP, the Five Pillars of DDMRP, a few key terms and aspects of DDMRP, and an introduction to the initial set up of DDMRP. Subsequently, we will delve into each of the five concepts as separate courses for each concept.

SAP Inventory Management Strategies - Simple Discontinuation

This course provides an overview and SAP demo of how to utilize an out of box solution in SAP to manage the phase-out of a component and phase-in of a component. This out-of-the-box solution is called Simple Discontinuation. This is a great strategy to help alleviate any manual management of component transitions and allow SAP to create the signals required.

Introduction to SAP OData Basics

Do you want to take your ABAP knowledge to the next level? Learn how to communicate with SAP backend systems (UI5, Fiori, CRM) using OData services. In this course, you will learn the theories around OData and the SAP Gateway Builder and then create a project that you can test and learn debug techniques for.

Topics in Personal Development – Career Skills

Networking with LinkedIn - Optimizing your Profile

Welcome to getting started with LinkedIn, which uses new tips and resources to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile where you can share your knowledge, and get noticed. Use LinkedIn to find jobs, connect with other industry professionals, grow your business, find clients, become an authority in your field, join groups and add to conversations. You never know who is looking to connect with you, having a LinkedIn profile provides opportunities for others to connect with you as well as for you to connect with others.

Topics in Microsoft

Introduction to Power Automate

Power Automate is a powerful application that can be used to automate tasks and business processes without using code. It is an exhaustive tool that can be connected to many applications and streamline any personal or business workflow. This introductory course is aimed at beginner to intermediate users. We use the online version of Power Automate for Office 365 for demonstration and cover the basic and some intermediate features to get you started.

Topics in Business Skills

A Basic Understanding of Crystal Reports

This course will teach you the basics of developing Business Intelligence reports using Crystal Reports. The main topics covered in this course will teach you to create cross-tab and sub-reports for drill-down data. You will build on your knowledge by learning how to create calculated fields, charts, and dynamic reports that pass parameters to customize the report results.

Topics in Cloud Computing

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Part 1

Part 1 of 2 - AWS solutions architect courses. Learn how to work with IAM - Identity Access which enables you to manage access to AWS services and resources securely. Understand how Amazon EC2 provides secure, resizable computing capacity in the cloud. Also learn about Amazon S3, which is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Finally, we cover AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) which is a unified tool to manage your AWS services.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Part 2

Part 2 of 2. In this practical, hands-on course our main objective is to give you education not just to understand the advanced areas of AWS, but also to learn exactly how you can apply what you learn to real-world scenarios. Learn details for advanced S3, Athena, Databases, AWS Storage, Route53, Vpcs, Load Balancing, Serverless, and disaster recovery.

Getting Started in Jira

Jira is a highly configurable and flexible project management tool, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of processes. In this course, we use Jira Software on Cloud, the flagship version of Jira used for agile project management, so you will need to know some agile concepts. We include a crash course on agile methodology to help you get started and the course is aimed at beginners - so if you are brand new to Jira, then this course is for you!

Topics in Other Programming

JavaScript DOM Coding and Development

In this course, we explore how you can create mini-projects to learn JavaScript. Learn new skills that will help you grow your JavaScript knowledge and grow your portfolio. You will learn how to bring your web pages to life, by adding dynamic content with the DOM. Projects within this course are designed to help you learn more about JavaScript and interacting with the DOM.

Topics in Spanish

Análisis y Presentación de Datos en MS Excel

MS Excel es una herramienta básica para tu currículum, ¡conocerlo y dominarlo te dará una ventaja en el lugar de trabajo sin duda! Conociendo los fundamentos de la herramienta, pasaremos a la especialidad de MS Excel: Trabajar con datos, generar cálculos, análisis y visualizaciones. Obtenga el conocimiento para crear informes dinámicos e intuitivos y aprenda a explorar y analizar datos de una manera más visual y sencilla.

Introducción a SAP Activate

En este curso de descripción general, discutimos el origen de SAP Activate y las modificaciones que ha conllevado. Comprenderemos las modificaciones en la forma en que entregamos nuevos proyectos de SAP. Además, ha habido varias modificaciones dentro de los proyectos y en la forma en que los clientes los consultan e implementan.

Introducción a MS Excel

Este curso le mostrará desde cero la interacción y el manejo de archivos de MS Excel. No necesitas conocimientos previos, te mostraremos la herramienta desde lo básico, entendiendo el menú inicial, las opciones avanzadas y las cintas de opciones con las que trabajas todos los días. Después de aprender los conceptos básicos, pasaremos a la especialidad de MS Excel: Trabajar con datos, generar cálculos, análisis y visualizaciones. ¡Obtenga el conocimiento para crear informes dinámicos e intuitivos, explore y analice datos de manera más visual y fácil!

Introducción a Bases de Datos y SQL

En este curso conocerás los conceptos teóricos que responden a: Consideraciones en la planificación del diseño lógico de la base de datos, Qué es MySQL / Maria DB -Conceptos preliminares (motor de base de datos, Aplicaciones, Datos, Definición, Usuarios), Qué es ¿una mesa? Tipos de datos (más usados y populares) e instalación de las herramientas para la práctica. Veremos cómo: Crear, Mostrar y Eliminar Bases de Datos - con muchos más conceptos y acciones.

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