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Every month our instructors release new courses relative to your interests in the vast world of SAP and business productivity. Our courses help you learn SAP quickly with expert video lessons and a true learning-by-doing experience. Our Instructor-led courses are brought to you by SAP professionals working in their areas of expertise sharing their years of experience with you one-on-one. Also, join our group live training courses for 6-hour boot-camps on SAP Topics led by a live expert SAP Instructor.

New Courses - June 2020

Topics in SAP S/4HANA

Fun With Fiori - Universal Allocations
This course introduces SAP Universal Allocations concepts and deep-dives into the Fiori Manage Allocations and related Run Allocations and Allocation Results apps. It compares the different types of allocations and allocation contexts as you learn how to create and execute the cycles, and create cycle groups. We will also see how the launch pad manages the new display flows within Fiori apps.

Using ABAP on SAP HANA Cloud Trial Platform
For the first time in the history of SAP, developers worldwide can build and run ABAP code in the Cloud. We will look on the SAP Cloud Platform, where ABAP is the new kid on the block, next to Java or Node.js. You will learn details of the new emerging Cloud ABAP and open yourself to unlimited development options. SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment is ready for you!

Topics in SAP ERP

Resolve Stock Issues Using Effective Availability Checks
Does your company often find that they are facing a routine issue of ensuring the availability of materials while you are releasing production orders in SAP? In this course, we will learn about the importance of an availability check, and understand the various parameters in setting the correct availability check for your situation. We will illustrate the application of various availability check parameters in various scenarios within SAP.

Introduction to Python Programming
This course covers the fundamentals of programming using the Python programming language. You can expect to learn how to use variables, loops, decision structures, and process user input through command line and files. By the end of this course, you will be able to create basic applications in Python and will be able to apply the concepts learned to further programming tasks and applications.

Business Skills

Time Management in Business
This is a practical, action-oriented course designed to give you time management and productivity tools and strategies to be more efficient, effective, and productive. Get an insight into understanding time management and receive a wealth of tips, tools, and strategies you can put in place immediately at work or in your business as you develop your personalized time management action plan.

Microsoft Windows 10
Learn the essential features of Windows 10 in this comprehensive course. Updated for the 2020 version of the Windows operating system, you will learn to master this most recent and feature-packed system using practice exercises to embed the new skills you learn. Perfect for beginners or those looking to understand the Windows 10 Operating System better as an end-user.


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