SAP Workflow Administrator

ABAP Developer

6:00 hrs +111 Points

SAP WF administrators are responsible for developing, deploying and monitoring Workflows in the SAP system. They ensure that WF items get executed properly, monitor the Workflow engine and coordinate WF development activities.

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Fundamental skills

Lay the foundation for your learning path with these fundamental skills courses to better understand the core curriculum below.


ABAP for SAP Users

BeginnerInstructor-led1.5 hours


Reading Data in ABAP with Open SQL

BeginnerInstructor-led1.0 hours


Core curriculum

Complete these in-depth skills courses for your learning path to earn your certification badge.


SAP Workflow Administration

BeginnerInstructor-led0.5 hours


New Features in S/4HANA Workflow

IntermediateInstructor-led1.5 hours


Developing Purchase Order Workflow in SAP

IntermediateInstructor-led1.5 hours



Complete the courses above and earn this Professional Certification:

Earn Certification

SAP Workflow Administrator


Expand Your Skills

Take these expanded skills courses to stay up-to-date with your learning path and continue to earn skill points and certificates.


Basics of ABAP CDS Views

Beginner Instructor-led2.5 hours


Five SAP tools for Fiori Support

Beginner Instructor-led1.0 hours


Using ABAP on SAP HANA Cloud Trial Platform

Beginner Instructor-led1.0 hours


Test Driven Development with ABAP

Intermediate Instructor-led2.0 hours


Access Control in ABAP Core Data Services

Beginner Instructor-led1.5 hours

Learning Path Experience

With our Learning Paths we follow our students on their journey. We track your progress and act as your trusted adviser. You will be guided through the courses and be encouraged with a layer of fun competition where you earn skill points to make your mark on our leaderboard.

Once you successfully complete your learning path, you will earn a professional certification that you can showcase to prospective and current employers to demonstrate your competency.


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