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ALV Programming Deep Dive

This course will employ a case study approach centered on a sales order list to illustrate the application of ALV report objects in displaying output in three distinct formats - standard, hierarchical, and tree. You will learn how to construct basic reports, add headers and footers, modify column headers, implement sorts and subtotals, and use colors and icons to highlight data. You will be able to use techniques for enabling user interaction via the incorporation of toolbar buttons and hyperlinks, as well as the various options available for report personalization at both user group and individual user levels.

33 Enrolled (0) Intermediate

Course Goal

  • Review three different available ALV report objects
  • Create comprehensive reports and modify the output and appearance to make them more useful and visually appealing
  • Gain familiarity with all the different options and features that are available in ALV reports
  • Learn how to add personalized facilities for groups and individual users
  • Add to reports using various options to provide interactivity

Who This Training Is For

  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Project team members


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Dorian Salmon

SAP Software Designer, Developer, Technical Author & Mentor

4.8 Instructor Rating

SAP-certified Technical Consultant / Business Process Expert with over 30 years experience in Systems and Application programming, specializing in SAP UI5 / Fiori, EDI / IDOCs, and SAP 3rd-Party integration. SAP-trained in NetWeaver Application Server, ABAP Objects, Business Workflow, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM / Archiving). Extensive application development experience using ABAP Objects, Business Server Pages (BSP), Web Requests, Web Services, ECC Enhancement Framework, Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEWB), People-Centric User Interface (PC-UI), Web-UI, Model / View / Controller (MVC) Programming, Business Workflow, ABAP List Viewer (ALV), Dynpro screens, Fiori, UI5, Screen Personas. Experienced with CRM Middleware configuration & programming, NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (XI) / Process Integration (PI), NetWeaver Portal, SAP Mobile technology, SAP Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Trade Funds Management (TFM), Trade Chargeback Management (TCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Archiving / Data Volume Management (DVM), SAP ERP, SAP ECC, EDI & IDOC interfaces. Technical team leader, experienced in maintaining coding standards, technical documentation, and ASAP methodologies. Specialties: SAP Enterprise Services Architecture, CRM, R/3, ECC, SRM, Middleware, EDI, IDOCs, NetWeaver Application Server, People-Centric User Interface (PC-UI), Web-UI, NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure, NetWeaver Portal, SAP & PBS Data Archiving tools, SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Technical design/project blue-printing. Technical training / mentoring / knowledge transfer.

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What’s included

  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 2.5 Hrs
  • Type: Instructor-led
  • Releases: ECC 6.0, Enterprise Software, S/4 HANA, SAP CRM 7
  • Category: Development

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