Developing Purchase Order Workflow in SAP

Developing Purchase Order Workflow in SAP

Learn how to develop Purchase Order Workflow in SAP from development steps through to testing your workflow code. Understand the use of Events, Methods, Standard tasks and Templates. In this course you will use sample code and complete a PO Workflow Development template ready to move to Production.

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Course Goal

  • Understand SAP Workflow Development for Purchase Orders
  • How to use SAP Workflow Development transaction codes
  • Understand programming development in Business Objects for Workflow
  • Use Workflow Builder to build a Workflow Template


  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members
  • System Administrators


Lesson Plan

1 Meet your Instructor and review Agenda Preview
What is SAP Workflow Development
2 What is SAP Workflow Development?
3 Overview of SAP Transactions used in PO Workflow
4 How to begin your development - the SUW3 transaction
Upload an SAP Favorites folder with PO Workflow Transactions
5 Accessing the Favorites .txt file and uploading
Looking at the Purchase Order Details
6 Display a Purchase Order
7 Display a Release Strategy for a PO
8 Finding the Business Objects in Purchase Orders
Looking at Templates and Container Binding
9 Create Workflow template
10 Understanding Workflow Terms for Containers
Understand the different areas of Workflow Development
11 Understanding Business Object elements in workflow
12 Using the Business Objects Builder
13 What is an Event Object Type
14 Viewing a Workflow Event item in SAP
15 What is a Method Object Type
16 Viewing a Workflow Method item in SAP
17 What is a Standard Task
18 Viewing a Standard Task in the Workflow Builder
19 What is a Workflow Template
20 Viewing a Workflow Template in the Workflow Builder
Create a Business Object Builder Subtype
21 Create a new Subtype
Create the Workflow Template for Purchase Order
22 Create Workflow Template for PO
Testing Phase of Workflow Development
23 Testing your Business Objects
24 Testing your Workflow Template using SWUS
25 Testing using the ME21N Transaction code
SAP Workflow Table
26 SAP Workflow Table
SAP Workflow Transport
27 SAP Workflow Transport
Summary and Appendix
28 Course Review
29 Course Handout - PDF
30 Course files for download


Arghadip Kar

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Arghadip Kar

SAP ABAP Workflow Architect

Arghadip has over 14 years experience in SAP. He started his SAP career at IBM where he was the SAP ABAP Workflow Expert working on projects for large companies - Nestle PMI, Pepsico, ABC, Abott Lab to name a few. At IBM Arghadip had a record of creating seven ICM in a calendar year. Arghadip was twice the Top Contributor in the SAP Developer network for which his name is in the SAP Hall of Fame. His main mantra is Constructive Discontent and he always loves to create a solution, which has minimum or zero clicks.

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