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SAP S/4HANA Transaction Codes

It was just a few months ago that we received a live chat on our website asking if we had a list of all SAP transaction codes – well, we didn't, and so I wrote a blog to show you how you can download all SAP tcodes. This little blog turned out to be the most visited article of the year – who would have known?

Then recently, someone asked me about this list on our Twitter feed, specifically, if our list also included the transaction codes for SAP's newest release, S/4 HANA . No, sorry, it didn't - the list I created was only for SAP ECC 6 and did not include any of the new transactions you can find in S/4HANA. So I logged into our S/4HANA system and downloaded all transaction codes to an Excel spreadsheet and compared the 2 lists. It took me a little while to figure out what transactions still exist in S/4HANA, which ones were new and which ones just simply disappeared.


What is SAP S/4 HANA?

As a reminder, S/4HANA is the newest release of the SAP ERP system (the predecessor is SAP ECC 6). Most companies are still running SAP ECC 6, but they are all looking at S/4HANA now because SAP will stop supporting ECC 6 in 2027. As a result, all SAP customers will be forced to upgrade, and thus, people want to know what the new transaction codes in S/4HANA are.


What is a Transaction Code?

A transaction code in SAP is a shortcut to an activity such as creating a customer master record or posting an invoice. As an example, AS01 is the code to create a new fixed asset master record, FB01 lets you post a financial document or you can use ME21 to create a purchase order.

Instead of navigating through the massive SAP menu tree, experienced SAP users enter the shortcut code in the command field - it is a much faster way to work with your most commonly used transactions.


Download SAP S/4 HANA Transaction Codes

You can see a complete list of all transaction codes by displaying the contents of table TSTCT – this is where SAP stores all tcodes and their description in all installed languages.

TSTCT is a massive database table with millions of records, depending on the various installed languages in your SAP system. So save yourself the time and work - I've done the analysis for you already.

It turns out that there are about 7600 new transactions in S/4 (and that's on top of the roughly 100,000 tcodes that exist in SAP's ECC 6 release) …that's somewhat surprising to me – I would have guessed there would be more S4HANA tcodes.


But it's time for you to check this out yourself and download all new SAP S4HANA transaction codes.


All new SAP S/4 HANA transaction codes


Once you have downloaded the file, please note that you can play around with it – for example, you can add a filter in Excel and search for the string /ui2/ (=user interface 2) to find all new Fiori-related transaction codes quickly. Or you could search for all transaction codes that start with AS* to find all tcodes related to Fixed Assets.


I hope you'll find the list of SAP S 4HANA transaction codes useful and, as always, please share this post with your coworkers if you found it useful.



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