9/2/2020 by Leslie Bass Posted in MMC News

August was the Summer of...I Love Programming! Now is the time to get new skills crossed off your bucket list to make sure you are ready for this next busy decade. We launched several hot topic programming courses this month that you really should check out.

As always, our Hands-on courses are here to help you learn SAP quickly. If this is your first experience with SAP, then you will love our true learning-by-doing lessons. Our Instructor-led courses are video-based learning brought to you by expert SAP instructors, and other professionals each working in their specialty areas and sharing their years of experience with you one on one. You may also want to look at joining a small group in our live training courses for a 6-hour boot-camps on SAP Topics led by a live expert SAP Instructor talking you through the course.

New Courses - August 2020

Topics in SAP S/4HANA

SD Master Data Setup and Configuration

Learn the Master Data setup required for the SAP Sales and Distribution module which supports an Order to Cash cycle. Master Data setup and the relevant configuration is explained in detail and also demonstrated in a S/4HANA system.

S/4 Finance – Fiori Accounts Payable Analytics

As an Accounts payable manager or supervisor, you need to be able to understand how the accounts payable process is performing using multiple metrics. Learn how to effectively utilize new advanced Fiori AP Analytical apps to create dashboards and run reports to monitor the performance of the accounts payable process. Demos of 5 different Fiori Accounts Payable apps and a Quick Reference Guide.

Topics in SAP ECC and ABAP

SAP Security Reports for Authorizations

SAP Authorizations and Security Functions are used in every SAP system. Those working these functions must make sure the right authorization is assigned to the right user. In this high-level course, you will learn a few transactions and tables that can help you find quick solutions as you perform your daily security tasks.

ABAP Debugging for New Developers

As an ABAP programmer, you want your programming skills to become better and better every day. How can you do that in the quickest time possible? Simply by mastering your debugging skills! Any investment you put into your debugging skills will get you the secured profit in enhanced programming skills. In this course, you will learn five debugging solutions for your everyday work as an ABAP developer.

Execute External Processing in Production Orders

Production orders are completed by executing various operations in a sequence. Certain operations may be required to be outsourced due to capacity constraints or non-availability of specific technology to carry out the operation in-house. This course will explain how to execute external processing as part of a production order, without breaking the BoM so the continuity of the production order is ensured with full control and capture of the proper cost of the material.

Topics in Other Programming

Understanding SQL Databases for Beginners

Have you started learning about SQL Databases, only to get stuck while trying to teach yourself? Or are you a developer who has never felt totally at ease with database work? Learn an easy and comprehensive way to go beyond the basics and start using SQL Databases professionally and efficiently, by creating your own database objects, and adding business logic with the correct structure.

SQL for Non-Technical Users

Do you often have to ask others to write SQL queries for you? Learn to write simple queries today to get the information you need to do your job. In this course, you’ll learn how to write a basic SQL query from start to finish. We’ve designed the lessons specifically for those with little to no experience with writing queries, to teach you only what you need to know to get started.

Machine Learning for Beginners

Do you often have to ask others to write SQL queries for you? Learn to write simple queries today to get the information you need to do your job. In this course, you’ll learn how to write a basic SQL query from start to finish. We’ve designed the lessons specifically for those with little to no experience with writing queries, to teach you only what you need to know to get started.

Also added in this topic Machine Learning – Python and Pandas Fundamentals and
Machine Learning – Data Visualization in Python.

Managing EC2 and VPC: AWS with Python and Boto3 Series

Do you want to learn how to implement VPC and EC2 resources with Python code on AWS? Do you want to launch EC2 Instances with Python code on AWS? Are you preparing for AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam and want to put your theory and skills into practice with VPC and EC2? In this first of several courses, you'll learn to work with Python API for AWS to implement VPC networking and EC2 instances for any kind of infrastructure you need so you can implement them confidently at work or in your own projects.

Topics in Business Skills

Communication for Life

This course is a practical, action-oriented course designed to give you the tools, tips, and strategies that will improve your communication skills and the relationships in your personal life. If you are a business owner, director, manager, or executive you may prefer the course Communication in Business rather than this one, as it may be more relevant to you.

Microsoft Excel Advanced PivotTables

In this Advanced PivotTables Excel course, we teach you how to make the most of this powerful data analysis function. Start with a PivotTable refresher before moving onto some of the advanced features of this tool. Advanced Sorting, Slicers, Timelines, Calculated Fields, Pivot Charts, and Conditional Formatting are just a few of the subjects included in this PivotTable deep-dive. This course is perfect for intermediate users of Excel who are already comfortable using the PivotTable function.

Excel – an Introduction & Beyond

This is an introductory course in MS Excel spreadsheets. There are sample files to work along with the instructor as well as a self-correcting quiz that the course explains each challenge on the hands-on exercise type quiz. Even if you are already using Excel, you can benefit from this course as you may find that it fills some gaps and makes you a more efficient Excel user.

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