SAP Web Application Developer

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Fundamental skills

Lay the foundation for your learning path with these fundamental skills courses to better understand the core curriculum below.

SAP S/4 HANA - Basic Navigation

  • 3h
  • Beginner
 4.4 (445)

SAP S/4 HANA - Intermediate SAP Skills

  • 5h
  • Beginner
 4.5 (226)

SAP S/4 HANA - Basic Reporting Skills

  • 3.5h
  • Beginner
 4.5 (244)

Core curriculum

Complete these in-depth skills courses for your learning path to earn your certification badge.

SAP Web Application Designer

  • 7.5h
  • Intermediate
 4.4 (5)

SAP Advanced Web Application Designer

  • 8h
  • Intermediate
 4.6 (5)

Introduction to SAP OpenUI5 Apps

  • 1h
  • Beginner
 4.4 (10)

SAP BI/BW 7.4 Training

  • 5h
  • Beginner
 4.7 (27)

Implementing SAP BPC Embedded 11

  • 2.5h
  • Beginner
 4.8 (4)


Complete the courses above and earn this Professional Certification:

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SAP Web Application Developer

Expand Your Skills

Take these expanded skills courses to stay up-to-date with your learning path and continue to earn skill points and certificates.

SAP Lumira Design Studio

  • 5h
  • Expert
 5.0 (1)

SAP BEx Query Designer and Analyzer

  • 2.5h
  • Beginner
 5.0 (7)

SAP BI BEx Query Designer

  • 6.5h
  • Beginner
 4.6 (14)

SAP BI BEx Analyzer

  • 6.5h
  • Beginner
 4.6 (18)

About Path

SAP Web Application Developer

SAP Business Warehouse Developer

Build your SAP Web Application Developer career by developing and configuring web items for data presentation. Working with SAP's Business Information (BI) system where you will modify layouts to display data graphically with multiple queries.

Michael Management


4.6 Instructor Rating

131 Courses94,078 Students

This course was developed by the Michael Management Instructor Team. We're passionate about creating the best possible training courses for you and constantly look for ways to make your tr...

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Robert Davis

BI Consultant

4.8 Instructor Rating

4 Courses407 Students

My name is Rob Davis and I'm excited you're here! I teach courses in few distinct Business areas: SAP Business Intelligence, Business Objects, and Tableau. I want you to be confident...

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Raquel Seville

CEO (Caribbean)

4.4 Instructor Rating

1 Courses65 Students

A business intelligence professional with over a decade of designing and implementing data warehouses, management reports, predictive analytics, and dashboards. First and only Caribbean base...

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Dwayne Desylvia

Principal Solution Engineer

4.6 Instructor Rating

4 Courses464 Students

I am a seasoned Presales professional with 25+ years of experience helping customers understand the value of technology for their organization as part of their digital transformation. I enga...

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Marc Schindler


4.5 Instructor Rating

5 Courses271 Students

I am a SAP certified CO, BW and BPC consultant. I started implementing SAP FI/CO in version 3.1h and completed more than 20 projects over the last 18 years, usually as the technical or funct...

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