Learn new SAP skillsSchool is back in session for students worldwide, and there's never been a better time to learning new skills to your toolbox than now!

Over the summer, Michael Management Corporation launched several new online courses for SAP modules, and now we're bringing even more online training for you to learn new skills, master existing ones, and take your growth to the next level. Our courses are here to help you learn SAP on your own timeline. Our instructor-led classes are video-based learning brought to you by expert SAP instructors and professionals in the field, sharing their experience with you one on one. 

Let's jump into 10 new SAP skills you can learn on Michael Management right now. 


  1. Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling in S/4HANA

    In our Introduction to S/4HANA Embedded PP/DS (Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling) course, we dive into the new functionality that has been added in S/4HANA embedded PP/DS. Our main goal for you in this course is to learn which Organizational Units and Master Data are involved and learn how to use the primary transactions offered by PP/DS.


  2. ABAP Debugging for New Developers

    To be a successful programmer, your programming skills need to become better and better every day. As a new developer, the fastest way you can do that is by mastering your debugging skills. In our ABAP Debugging for New Developers course, we've put together five essential debugging solutions you need to learn to save time and effort, debug programs without database access, and learn how to jump to an error message line in any complex transaction.


  3. Communication

    You can take all the SAP courses available and be the most knowledgeable professional in your industry, but none of that matters if your communication skills don't pass the test. With over 50 communication tools, our Communication for Life course is practical and action-oriented, giving you the resources, tips, and strategies to improve your communication skills and relationships in your life. 


  4. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management

    Inspiring employees to perform at their best is critical to success. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management helps you evaluate and recognize top talent, align your strategies and goals, and continuously improve employee performance management. Our SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management course teaches you the key processes and provides detailed demos for the product's functions. Plus, you'll learn the process of getting and maintaining a SuccessFactors certification for an SAP Consulting career. 


  5. Master Data Setup Required for SAP Sales and Distribution Module

    If trying to learn the Master Data setup required for the SAP Sales and Distribution module leaves you with a headache, Michael Management has the solution. Our SD Master Data Setup and Configuration course walks you through the Master Data setup and the relevant configuration and provides a S/4HANA system demonstration. You'll learn the most common practices from real-time experience of implementation and how to adapt master data in business scenarios for Sales and Distributions.


  6. Execute External Processing in Production Orders

    Production orders are completed by executing various operations in a sequence. Some functions may be required to be outsourced due to capacity constraints or non-availability of specific technology to carry out the process in-house. Our Execute External Processing in Production Orders course will teach you to understand the proper link between a Production Order and External Processing. Further, you'll learn how to recognize appropriate Monitoring and Controlling of External Processing and set suitable Master Data to execute External Operations effectively. 


  7. Five SAP Tools for Fiori Support

    Managing Fiori Apps can be a struggle for many consultants and developers. We created the Five SAP Tools for Fiori Support course to give you hot tips on getting the information you need quickly. You'll learn what apps work best for the client, how to find the associated SAP transaction codes behind Fiori Apps, what apps are associated with Webdynpro Applications or ODATA services, and how to measure the usage of Fiori Apps. 


  8. Inclusive Leadership

    Businesses all over the globe are focusing more on providing high-quality inclusivity training to their leaders. Stay ahead of the curve with our Inclusive Leadership: Working with Equality and Diversity course. This training will help you develop and apply your skills as an inclusive leader. You'll learn about working with equality and diversity to include all types of people and confidently engage with them as a leader. 


  9. SAP Security Reports for Authorizations 

    Security has never been more critical than it is in 2020. SAP Authorizations and Security Functions are used in every SAP system. If your job is to work those functions, ensuring that the proper authorization is assigned to the right user is critical. In this high-level SAP Security Reports for Authorizations course, we teach you transactions and tables that help you find quick solutions as you perform your daily security tasks. 


  10. SQL Databases

    Have you started learning about SQL Databases only to get stuck while trying to teach yourself? Or are you a developer who has never felt totally at ease with database work? Let out a sigh of relief and learn an easy and comprehensive way to go beyond the basics and start using SQL Databases professionally and efficiently. In our Understanding SQL Databases for Beginners course, you'll begin by learning how to correctly structure your database and finish by creating your own database objects and adding business logic. 



Choose Your Adventure and Start Earning an SAP Certification

We believe that knowledge is power. You can learn all of these skills and more when you register for SAP training with Michael Management. The best part? You can preview all of our SAP courses before you commit to buying them. Register today and find the training you need to take your career to the next level for long-term success.


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