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Woman workingWhen the edict came down to limit social contact and avoid groups of more than ten people due to the novel coronavirus, many folks found themselves suddenly working from home, if they were lucky enough to not be one of the millions thrown out onto the unemployment line. 

Remote work will continue to become a more common part of job descriptions, even without a novel virus to inspire us, working remotely has been an upward trend for years now.  Whether the goal is to save time, save gasoline, or save sanity, remote work has many advantages. 

First, who likes to be stuck in a train or car for hours every day, rewinding your way up and down the same route, over and over like a hamster in a wheel.  I certainly don’t.  Yes, you can use the time productively by listening to books on tape.  You can even tighten your buns while you sit, but in the end, commuting long hours is for the birds.  There, I said it!  


Rough Beginnings And Suspicion Of Remote Workers

When remote work began to become trendy back in the 90s, many employers balked.  They thought all employees needed to be within reach of the crack of their whip if any real work was to get done!  

Remote workers proved that theory wrong.  People were often MORE productive when they worked remotely.  Bosses were ignoring the fact that office environments offered plenty of distractions too.  And is laundry really that much of a distraction?  No!  I’m grateful for the excuse to continue procrastinating on the laundry; I’ve got an article to finish!    

Remote workers are often happier too since they find it much easier to juggle work and family responsibilities and aren’t stressed out by long, boring commutes.

Less money for gas, less air pollution, less time wasted, more productive and no one to steal your lunch, what’s not to like about remote working?

So the trend of remote work will continue, no doubt about it.  

Not all jobs can be done remotely of course.  Technology can get to Star Wars level and I don’t think we’ll yet have virtual haircuts, but you never know for sure.  Can we invent remote control scissors?  Smarter minds than mine will need to answer that pressing question.    


SAP Works Well as a Remote Job 

Working on a computer is often a large component of any job that’s doable on a remote basis.  Especially now that so many people and systems have moved to the cloud, any computer anywhere can access work documents and software systems.  

This means anyone who works with SAP systems is perfectly eligible to be a remote worker. 90% of all companies worldwide use SAP software systems.  This meshes well with the recent epiphany many have had, forced upon them by a global viral pandemic. So many more jobs can be done remotely than anyone would have previously thought!     

Companies all over the world are realizing they don’t need huge offices.  Those office spaces generate an enormous expense, so shutting them down makes a lot of sense. And it’s happening.  


Perhaps You Should Consider a Career in SAP?

So if you’re following global employment trends, (and who isn’t?) it’s clear that remote work will continue to climb as a popular working trend.  Becoming adept at SAP software will always be a marketable job skill in the increasingly competitive job market.  

Even if we’re all stuck in the house for the next few years (God forbid) developing SAP skills is a smart career move. You can even proactively sign up for SAP training to learn whatever portion of the enormous SAP system that you need to. 

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