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Is SAP a Good Skill for Your Resume?

SAP Skills ResumeSAP is one of the most robust software systems that are available for enterprise-level businesses throughout the world.

With it, companies can do nearly everything from tracking their sales to monitoring inventory and even performing duties related to human resources — and that’s just to start!

In fact, the sky is the limit with SAP since it’s such an enormous, faceted software suite that can adapt to any company’s size, industry, and processes.

With that in mind, it’s also important to ask a significant question about this kind of software: Is SAP a good skill for your resume?

The answer is that yes, SAP can actually be the most important skill for you to include on a resume.

But when would you want to do that?

We’ll answer that question in this blog.


Situation 1. Applying for a Job at a Global Company

Because SAP is designed for use by enterprise-level companies, it’s going to be used by some of the largest corporations on the planet.

This doesn’t just mean nationally-sized, but also internationally-renowned organizations use SAP to do practically anything that they may need.

So naturally, listing SAP as a skill on your resume makes the most sense when you apply for a job at a large-scale organization, especially if you’re going to be working directly in software.

This is exceptionally important if your skills in SAP speak to the exact role for which you’re applying at a company. For example, if you’ve worked in human resources for 20 years and you have a corresponding SAP certification, that’s an excellent skill to list on your resume.

Even so, if you’re making a career pivot and your SAP certifications are for your previous position, you can still list them! The ambition, work, and focus required to earn an SAP certification (or work with SAP software) are enough for many large-scale employers to understand that you have the drive, ambition, and initiative to better yourself professionally through independent work.

As a result, listing SAP in your skills on a resume to a large corporation is not only recommended — it may be essential to you continuing in the interview process!


Situation 2. Applying for a Job at a Smaller Company

So what should you do if you’re not applying for a job at a large-scale, global organization? What if you’re applying to a nationwide company or even a local small business?

The answer is the same — it’s still important to list SAP qualifications on your resume!


Because SAP itself is such a complex and versatile software suite, the skills you learn in it can also apply to other, smaller-scale software suites that your prospective employer may use.

Listing SAP in your skills will also show them that you know the ins and outs of business-related software in general. Because most software suites are designed to accommodate the same needs — such as tracking key metrics and making a company more efficient — you can easily show a new employer that your SAP skills will likely translate into whatever software they use.

Salesforce, HubSpot, and other major players in the business software and business intelligence industries all run on the same basic philosophy.

In other words, showing a smaller company that you can proficiently use SAP is both a good idea and potentially critical to earning the position you want at a company that’s a good fit.


Situation 3. Building Your Personal and Professional Skill Sets

Finally, the true benefit of listing SAP on your resume is that you’re showing a potential employer your ever-evolving list of personal and professional skill sets.

You’re capable of doing more than the average individual when you have an SAP certification, and that kind of hard work and initiative will shine through your everyday work.

However, you have to get hired first. And that’s why it’s important to list your SAP skills on your resume.

At the very least, it’ll help you get your foot in the door by showing that you actively build upon your personal and professional skill sets.


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