Interview with Chrissie Hutton from Semtech Corporation

At Michael Management we love to hear from our students and share their experience! We had a chance to catch up with Chrissie Hutton, a DM Data Analyst at Semtech Corporation. She took a few minutes of her valuable time to offer some tips and tricks with regards to SAP training.

Hi Chrissie, thank you for taking the time to share some insight with us. I’d like to begin with learning more about what was your need for SAP training?

Sure, I recently moved to a new role within the company I work for and I needed to be brought up to speed on SAP, quickly and efficiently.

Okay great! I totally understand. Quick and efficient training is what every student is looking for. Do you have any advice you can give to new SAP students?

Yes, of course. I’d highly recommend taking it slow and to not get discouraged if you have to re-review a lesson a few times… I had to! It’s totally normal, but trust me you will get through it.

Did you consider any other training?

Not really, I couldn’t find too many training options for Winshuttle training.

What made you decide on MMC training?

MMC actually came highly recommended from our Winshuttle implementation partner, and that spoke volumes!

Lastly Chrissie, can you give me a little insight on how MMC’s training benefited you?

It really helped me prepare for the formal on-site Winshuttle training we received from our implementation partner. I was able to get a head start, which is always great.

Chrissie, thank you very much for your input and your time, we greatly appreciate all of your valuable tips and tricks!

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