SAP Fiori Specialist

SAP Financials Business user

12:00 hrs +120 Points

Fiori is SAP's new browser-based user interface for the S/4HANA platform. Learn how to use the Fiori Launchpad, use the Fiori app library, work with apps and get started with Fiori app development.


Fundamental skills

Lay the foundation for your learning path with these fundamental skills courses to better understand the core curriculum below.


SAP Fiori Apps Library

BeginnerInstructor-led1.0 hours


Core curriculum

Complete these in-depth skills courses for your learning path to earn your certification badge.


SAP Fiori - End User

BeginnerInstructor-led1.0 hours


Intro to SAP Fiori App Development

BeginnerInstructor-led1.0 hours


S/4 Finance - Fiori General Journal Boot Camp

BeginnerInstructor-led1.0 hours


S/4 Finance - General Journal Upload with Fiori

IntermediateInstructor-led1.0 hours


S/4 Finance - Fiori Accounts Payable Boot Camp

IntermediateInstructor-led1.5 hours


Fiori Reports and Embedded Analytics in SAP S/4HANA

IntermediateInstructor-led1.5 hours


S/4 Finance Plan Data Import with Fiori

IntermediateInstructor-led1.0 hours


S/4 Finance - Flexible Hierarchies with Fiori

IntermediateInstructor-led1.0 hours



Complete the courses above and earn this Professional Certification:

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SAP Fiori Specialist


Expand Your Skills

Take these expanded skills courses to stay up-to-date with your learning path and continue to earn skill points and certificates.


Asset Accounting - Disposals & Closing in SAP S/4HANA

Intermediate Instructor-led1.5 hours


Asset Accounting - Acquisitions in SAP S/4HANA

Intermediate Instructor-led2.0 hours


Overview of SAP Treasury and Risk Management on S/4HANA

Beginner Instructor-led2.0 hours


Key Asset Accounting Configuration in S/4HANA

Expert Instructor-led2.0 hours


Using the Power of Internal Orders in S/4HANA

Intermediate Instructor-led1.0 hours

Learning Path Experience

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Student Feedback

The training modules so far have been great! I have been whizzing through them and doing well on the quizzes. I`m loving SAP!

Rose Garman
HR Manager/Consultant
Icon Information Consultants

I enjoy the fact that I can stay trained and up to date with my SAP Career in one place.

Geoffrey Mbaku

Every part of the process was excellent!

Cheryl Slinkard
VP Professional Services
Magic Software Enterprises