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Ilza Joubert

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I am an SAP HR Payroll specialist with more than 20 years of experience. My SAP career started in 1996 within a company that was an implementation partner of SAP. I was involved with a couple of SAP HR implementations, focusing on Personnel Administration and Payroll. These implementations covered the whole project process from setting up blueprints, customizing, testing, and go-live. I also got exposure to other functionalities in the HCM sphere like Organisational Management and Time Management. Based on my experience in payrolls I moved to a team in the company that developed a package solution for rapid payroll implementations. This package enabled us to implement payrolls faster and more effectively as we could re-use some of our pre-developed processes. After this I was involved in payroll support for a multi-national company, being exposed to more than 30 different SAP payrolls from different countries. Currently, I am part of a team that has developed SAP Payroll country versions for countries without a standard SAP Payroll solution. This team has developed more than 30 of these country versions. I am responsible for the requirements gathering, testing, and support of these country versions. During my career, I also conducted numerous SAP training sessions, both inhouse training and also training for other companies. I also hold an MEd degree in Computer-based training.

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Understanding SAP Payroll Rules (PCR)

Understanding SAP Payroll Rules (PCR)

The purpose of this course is to introduce the concept of SAP payroll rules (PCR). After completing ...


Understanding SAP Payroll Schemas

Understanding SAP Payroll Schemas

In this course, we will discuss the purpose and function of the payroll schema in SAP Payroll. You w...


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Kenneth Moore
Kenneth Moore

I like how the course takes a complicated topic and breaks it down into its smaller parts making it easier to digest. Well done.

Reginald Nosike

simply in a simple to understand teaching method. I enjoyed it. Wish there are courses for Rules/Operations.

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