Understanding SAP Payroll Schemas

Understanding SAP Payroll Schemas

In this course, we will discuss the purpose and function of the payroll schema in SAP Payroll. You will learn how to use the Schema editor in order to change and update schemas, understand the difference between standard schemas and customer schemas, and run your company payrolls with newly updated schemas.

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Course Goal

  • Understand the purpose and functionality of payroll schemas in SAP HR
  • Use the schema editor to create/update schemas
  • Understand and use functions in payroll schemas


  • Consultants
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

Introduction / Overview
1 Welcome/Agenda Preview
2 Introduction to Schemas
Schema Features
3 Understanding Schema Attributes
4 Schema Attributes - Demo in SAP
5 Schema Attributes - Key Points
6 Looking at the Schema Layout
Schema Editor
7 Using the Schema Editor
8 Schema Editor Demo in SAP
Use of Functions in Schemas
9 Features of Functions
10 Function Features - Demo 1
11 Function Features - Demo 2
12 Types of Functions - Example 1 - Schema Structures
13 Types of Functions - Example 2- Infotype data
14 Types of Functions - Example 3 - Generating data
15 Types of Functions - Example 4 -Process Wage Types
16 Maintaining Functions
The Schema and the Payroll Log
17 Displaying the Payroll Log
18 Comparing the Payroll Log to the Schema
19 Copying an existing Schema
20 Making Changes to a Schema
21 Course Key Points
22 Course Handout - PDF


Ilza Joubert

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Ilza Joubert

SAP Payroll specialist

SAP HR Payroll specialist with more than 20 years experience. Started off as a payroll consultant implementing SAP payrolls on different projects. Was also involved in payroll support for a multi-national company, being exposed to more than 30 different SAP payrolls from different countries. Also formed part of a team that developed a package solution for rapid payroll implementations. Currently involved with the development of SAP Payroll country versions for countries without a standard SAP Payroll solution. Exposure to more than 30 of these country versions.

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