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SAP ABAP skillsABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the programming model and object oriented programming language of SAP.

As an ABAP programmer, you have the skills companies rely on to conduct daily business. Even with this desired skill set, the ABAP market is a competitive one. How do you set yourself apart?

One great strategy to help you stand out when applying for ABAP positions, or going after a promotion, is to acquire new and relevant skills with our ABAP training. 

When you show up with the skills other developers lack, your worth to the market increases, and your services will be in high demand. 


So, what skills can you learn to help you land your next job? 

Here are five new skills for ABAP programmers.


ABAP Debugging For New Programmers

One of the fastest ways to improve your skills with the ABAP programming language is to master debugging. This program will teach you 5 new strategies you can begin using immediately. These strategies include:

  • How to save time and effort when debugging. 
  • How to debug using turbo mode. 
  • How to debug a program when you don't have database access. 
  • How to fly over the crowd of table records.
  • How to navigate directly to the error message line in a computer program.


Being able to quickly and efficiently debug a program is a tremendous asset to have on your resume. 

After earning your SAP certification in this course, you can use your new skills to analyze errors, reduce SAP system downtime, save your clients money, and secure your spot as an essential team member. 


Using ABAP on SAP HANA Cloud Trial Platform

By the end of this SAP course, you will have the real-world experience of creating an ABAP cloud project from start to finish. If you haven't heard the news, ABAP is new to the could. Learning these skills now will open you up to a world of emerging opportunities. 

After earning your SAP certification in this course, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • How to register for an ABAP trial on the SAP HANA Cloud platform.
  • How ABAP and ABAP Cloud are different.
  • How to use all the skills you have learned together to create your first ABAP Cloud project with ADT tools.


Reading about something is one thing, but our courses for ABAP development tools help you put your new skills into practice. 

After creating an ABAP Cloud project alongside your instructor, you will have an SAP certificate and the confidence to begin marketing yourself as an ABAP Cloud professional. 


Test-Driven Development with ABAP

Every developer knows that changes to a program often cause unrelated issues in another area of the program. This issue can be a time consuming and overwhelming problem. 

Imagine how confident you will be on your next development project, knowing you can change it without destroying everything you've built. 

Once you complete this ABAP course, you will know how to:

  • Make changes in ABAP without causing additional problems using Test-Driven Development. 
  • Create a rock-solid and stable program for your clients.
  • Use Test-Driven Development with confidence. 


With this new skill, "Every time your changes go into production, you can be 99% sure everything will not come crashing down in a big heap" -Instructor Paul Hardy, Author of ABAP to the Future

You are only one course away from confidence in your programming skills and highly marketable SAP certification. 


ABAP Programming Best Practices

Present yourself as a professional developer by implementing these ABAP programming best practices. Be familiar and confident when you work with the ABAP Dictionary, SAP Netweaver, the ABAP Workbench and many of the other development tools.

With a firm understanding of how ABAP Objects is superior to the classic ABAP programming style, you will be able to use the best strategies to meet your client's needs. This SAP training will cover:

  • Best practices for writing ABAP Code.
  • The use of various ABAP tools and framework.
  • The transition from classic ABAP to the new ABAP Objects programming style.


This SAP course gives you the tools needed to market your services as an ABAP Cloud professional.


Access Control in ABAP Core Data Services

This comprehensive SAP course uses practical exercises to put your knowledge of CDS into a real-world application. With this knowledge, you can easily protect company data and understand CDS Access Control. Once you have earned this SAP certification, you will:

  • Understand Access Control in ABAP CDS.
  • Understand Auth Objects and PFCG Role Assignments.
  • Learn about Row Level Data Entry
  • Understand the most common mistakes when using ABAP CDS so you can avoid them.
  • Have a concrete understanding of the best practices when using CDS Access Control.


Completion of this SAP course will give you a level of understanding of ABAP CDS, usually only found in a member of the SAP security team.

As a professional, you know how competitive the ABAP market can be. By taking additional SAP courses and earning SAP certifications, you will set yourself apart from other developers. 

If you are struggling to land your first job or looking to earn that raise, theses five skills for ABAP programmers will give you the advantage you need to become a leader in your field. 


To begin a course, follow one of the links above or subscribe to all SAP courses with our unlimited annual subscription option. 


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