ABAP Programming Best Practices

ABAP Programming Best Practices

The course demonstrates the advantages of ABAP Objects over the Classic ABAP programming style and teaches best practices for code reuse and error handling. Also covered is the use of ABAP tools and frameworks for efficient programming. You will receive abundant code samples to get you programming fast!

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Course Goal

  • Introduce and discuss best practices to be followed for writing ABAP code.
  • Demonstrate the use of various ABAP tools and frameworks.
  • Assist ABAP programmers with the transition from classic ABAP programming to the newer ABAP Objects programming style.


  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

Introduction & Welcome
1 Meet the Instructor Preview
2 Course Agenda
Programming with ABAP Objects
3 Why Use ABAP Objects?
4 Demo: Function Modules vs Methods
5 ABAP Objects Key Concepts
Programming Standards, Best Practices and Frameworks
6 Naming Conventions
7 Literal Values and Constants
8 ABAP Objects Program Framework
9 Program Framework Code Review
Local and Global Classes
10 Local Class Creation Overview
11 Local Class Creation Demonstration
12 Global Class Creation Overview
13 Global Class Creation Demonstration
14 Using the New Global Class
15 Local and Global Classes - Review
Classes and Inheritance
16 Inheriting a Global Class: Demonstration
17 Concepts of Inheritance
18 Casting
19 Polymorphism
20 Inheritance Application and Abstract Classes
21 Inheritance Application Review
22 Extending the Application
23 Interface Concepts
24 Demo App Issues
25 Resolving Demo App Issues
Error Handling with Exception Classes
26 Exception Concepts
27 Exception Class Examples
ABAP Unit and Test Classes
28 ABAP Unit Overview
29 ABAP Unit Demonstration
Course Summary
30 Course Summary
31 Disclaimer
32 Downloads - Section 1
33 Downloads - Section 2
34 Downloads - Section 3
35 Downloads - Section 4
36 Downloads - Section 5
37 Downloads - Section 6
38 Downloads - Section 7
39 Downloads - Section 8
40 Downloads - Section 9


Dorian Salmon

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Dorian Salmon

SAP Software Designer, Developer, Technical Author & Mentor

SAP-certified Technical Consultant / Business Process Expert with over 30 years experience of Systems and Application programming, specializing in SAP Mobile Solutions and SAP 3rd-Party integration.

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