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Obsolete transactions in S/4HANAMany transactions have been deprecated in SAP S/4HANA from ERP6.0. In fact, there are too many obsolete transactions in S4HANA to list in this article. One of the frustrations is that SAP does not really provide an easy way of identifying these obsolete tcodes. 

In this short article I'll show you how you can find these deprecated transaction codes quickly and how you can compare your ECC 6 with the S/4HANA system.

These obsolete transaction codes in S4HANA tend to fall into the following main areas:

  • General settings
  • Finance
  • Materials management
  • Order-to-Cash


Let’s go through the main functional areas one by one, and then I can let you into a little secret for how to find a list of the transactions by using your ERP6.0 and your S/4HANA system.

You will also need to be aware that although many of these transactions are marked as obsolete in S/4HANA, some of them are still available for use.


General Settings

The main transactions which are obsolete in S/4HANA around the general settings area are those related to customers and vendors and other partners. These have all been deprecated in favor of the SAP business partner concept. As a result, a whole host of transactions have been rendered obsolete and pointed directly at the new SAP transaction BP.


Here is a list of obsolete SAP transaction codes in alph...

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