Figure 1 Fiori App Library - Journal Entry App F0718This blog is the first in a series of quick look-ups for some of the most common GUI transactions that have been rewritten as Fiori apps for S/4HANA, starting with general ledger and asset accounting apps, with accounts payable and receivable planned next. Although I have included some Controlling transactions, I will also do a separate Controlling blog.

Classic GUI transactions do NOT map to Fiori apps on a one to one basis; sometimes it’s one too many, sometimes many to one, but often the new Fiori app has far more functionality. This blog only provides guidance of apps that you could use to perform a similar function in Fiori. Fiori apps still exist that use the GUI transactions if you can’t find what you want, but it’s much better to try out the new apps.

In addition, I have added a few apps which have no GUI equivalent but are definitely worth a look.

The below mapping is based on S/4HANA 1909, but names and apps are changing all the time. You can search in the Fiori apps library for the latest information using the Fiori App id from the tables below, which will also show the equivalents for earlier versions and for S/4HANA cloud (dropdown fields are shown in the figure in the top left of the page) as well as roles, catalogs, and implementation information.


General Ledger

GUI transaction GUI name/What it does Fiori app equivalent Fiori app id Comments
F.01, S_ALR_87012284 Financial Statement Version Balance Sheet/Income Statement F3084 Flexible Multi-dimensional report
FAGLGVTR, AJRW Carry Forward Balances Carry Forward Balances F1596 Carries forward G/L and Asset Balances 
F.13, F.13E, F101, FAGLF101, F.19, FAGL_FC_VAL, FAGL_FCV Automatic Clearing, Analyze GR/IR Clearing Accounts, Foreign Currency Valuation, Regroup Receivables, Payables, Bad Debts Schedule G/L jobs F1927 Use different templates for Revaluation, Clearing, Regrouping etc.
F-03 Clear G/L Account Clear G/L Accounts F1579 Overview shows G/L accounts with items for clearing
F-05 Post Foreign Currency Valuation Post Currency Adjustments F1606  
FAGLB03, FS10N Display G/L Account Balances  Display G/L Balances F0707  
FAGLGA11, FAGLGA12, FAGLGA13, FAGLGA14, FAGLGA15, FAGLGA16, Create, Change, Display, Delete, Execute, Overview G/L Actual Assessment Cycle Manage Allocations
Run Allocations, Allocation Results
Now in Universal Allocations, although not everything available yet
FAGLGA31, FAGLGA32, FAGLGA33, FAGLGA34, FAGLGA35, FAGLGA36, Create, Change, Display, Delete, Execute, Overview G/L Actual Distribution Cycle Manage Allocations
Run Allocations Allocation Results
Universal Allocations although not everything available yet
FAGLSKF1 KB31N, KB33N, KB34N Enter Statistical Key Figures (Plan)  Import Statistical Key Figures Plan Data F3779 Also, apps based on GUI transactions 
FB00 Accounting Editing Options Edit User-specific Options for journal Entries F2130  
FB02, FB03, FB03L, FB08, F.80 Change, Display, Reverse (Finance) Document Manage journal Entry F0717 Overview list (includes mass reversal) plus drilldown to individual document to edit or reverse. 
FB04, S_ALR_87012341
Display Changes to Document
Duplicates, Gaps in Document Number Assignment
Audit journal F0997 Includes Number Gap Check & Duplicate Check
FBRA Reset Cleared Items Reset Cleared Items F2223  
FB41 Post Tax Payable Post Tax Payables F1597  
FB50, (FB50L), FB01, F-02 Enter G/L Account Document (for ledger Group) Post General Journal Entries F0718 You can also, simulate, hold and upload Excel journals here
FBL3N, FAGLL03 Display/Change Line Items Display Line Item Entry View, (General Ledger View) F2218
Overview with drilldown to Manage Journal Entries app to edit
FBU3 Display Intercompany documents/List Intercompany documents Manage Journal Entries F0717 Add “Intercompany Transaction” to filter in overview or columns to display or search for intercompany document number
FBV0, FV50, (FV50L), FBV2, FBV3  Display Edit or Park G/L Document Verify Journal Entry F0718
Inbox & Outbox
FCH1, FCH2, FCHN FCH* Transactions related to checks (cheques)  Manage Checkbooks
Managae Outgoing Checks
FEBA_BANK_STATEMENT Post process Bank Statement Reprocess Bank Statement Items
Manage Bank Statement Reprocessing Rules
FF_5, FF_6, FF67 Import/Display Bank Statement Upload Bank Statements
Bank Statement Monitor (Intraday & End of Day)
GUI Transaction as app
Monitors what has been imported
FF67 Bank Statement Manual Entry Manage Bank Statements F1564 Allows import from Excel and manual entry
FI01, FI02, FI03 Create, Amend, Display Bank Manage Banks F1574 Check whether full or basic bank account & cash management as may be different apps
FKMT, FBD1, FBD2, FBD3, F.14, F.15 (SM35 N/A) Recurring Journals Manage recurring Journal Entries F1598 Sm35 Batch Processing no longer required. Can also use schedule G/L jobs to automate
FS00, FSP0, FSS0, KA01, KA02, KA03, KA04, KA05, KA06, OB_GLACC11, OBGLACC12, OBGLACC13 Maintain G/L Accounts and Maintain Cost Elements. Collecting Processing Manage G/L Account Master Data F0731A Includes mass change 
FS04, FSP4, FSS4, S_ALR_87012308 Display Changes to G/L Account Master Data G/L Account Changes Currently based on the GUI transaction S_ALR_87012308  
KB31N, KB33N, KB34N Enter, Display, Reverse Statistical Key Figures Manage Statistical Key Figure Values F3915 Only available from S/4HANA 2020
KCH1, KCH2, KCH3KCH5N, KCH6N Create Hierarchies Manage Flexible Hierarchies F2759 Create hierarchies automatically using master data attributes
KE51, KE52, KE53, KE54, 6KEA Profit Center – Create, Change, Display, Copy, Edit, Delete Manage Profit Centers F3516 Overview, copy, create, lock, unlock, delete and change log
KE53, 6KEA Display Profit Center – History tab Change Log Profit Center F3810  
Display Profit Center – menu option Assignment Monitor & Assignment Monitor Where Used -Profit Centers F3751 For one or multiple profit centers find where used in e.g. allocation cycles, cost centers, profit center groups, global accounting hierarchies, and sales order items.
KK01, KK02, KK03, KAK2, KAK3 Create, Change, Display List Statistical Key Figure Manage Statistical Key Figures F1603, F1603A Master Data
KK03 Display Statistical Key Figure (SKF) menu option Display Assignments Where Used List – Statistical Key Figures F4078 For one or multiple SKFs find where used in e.g.  statistical key figure groups, cost allocation cycles and segments, and a range of other objects
KO01, KO02, KO03 Create, Amend, Display Internal Order Manage Internal Order F1604  
KS01, KS02, KS03, KS04, KS05 Create, Amend, Display, delete, display changes Cost Center Manage Cost Centers F1443, F1443A  
KS03, KS05 Display Cost Center History tab Change Log Cost Center F3761 Also search for all changes made by a specific user
KS03 Display cost Center – Where Used List menu option Where-Used List – Cost Centers F3761 For one or multiple cost centers, find where used in e.g. activity types, cost allocation cycles and segments, cost centers using budget, groups, hierarchies, and many other
KSH1, KSH2, KSH3, KCH1, KCH2, KCH3, KCH5N, KCH6N Create/Amend/Display Cost Center Group, Profit Center Group Manage Flexible Hierarchies F2759 Create hierarchies automatically using master data attributes
KSH1, KSH2, KSH3, KCH1, KCH2, KCH3, KCH5N, KCH6N Create/Amend/Display Cost Center Group, Profit Center Group Manage Global Hierarchies/Manage global Accounting Hierarchies F2918 Time-dependent. Includes, cost/profit center, functional areas, bank account groups, financial statement version, universal allocations etc. Allows import of hierarchies
MR11, FB5S Reconcile GR/IR Reconcile GR/IR Accounts
Monitor GR/IR Account Reconciliation 
Way more than the GUI transactions!!!! Monitor is overview of different aspects and you can drill down to analyze as well as write of in F3302
OB08 Enter Exchange Rates Currency Exchange Rates & Import Foreign Exchange Rates F3616
Can be entered manually or imported from Excel spreadsheets
OB52, OKP1, OKP2 Open Period Manage Posting Periods & Manage Posting Period Variants F2293
One app for Finance & Controlling transactions, shows period dates as well as period, and which company codes use which variant
S_ALR_87012357 VAT Report Schedule Tax Jobs
Tax Reconciliation Account Balance Tax Declaration Reconciliation
F3690 runs GUI transaction in same modes (report, update etc.)
S_ALR_8712277 G/L Account Balances (TB) Trial Balance
Trial Balance Comparison
Flexible Multi-Dimensional report,
SE16/ SE16N General Table Display Query Browser
View Browser
Closest equivalent using views instead of tables



Fiori Apps with no GUI Equivalent

Fiori App Fiori App Id Comments
Journal Entry Analyzer F0956A, F0956 Multidimensional report of journal entries
General Ledger Overview F2445 Shows numerous KPIs and allows drilldown to some of the data
Display journal Entries in T-Account View F3664 New functionality to display postings as T-accounts
Display Document Flow F3665 Diagram of operational and G/L document flows e.g. from purchase or sales document through to payment
Upload Journal Entry F2548 Mass upload journal entry
Monitor GR/IR Account Reconciliation F3303 Drills down to F3302 reconcile GR/IR detail
Automatic Account Determination F1273 Review/update account determination
Application Logs F1487 Shows e.g. import vendor invoice, upload GL Journals, carryforward, and payment program errors etc. and easy to export and drill down to more detail
Maintain Application Log Templates F2058 Maintain variants for schedule jobs apps
Bank Account Balance F3940 Shows cash position in table and in chart



Asset Accounting

Up to 1909, many of the fixed asset transactions are still based on the GUI apps but in S/4HANA Cloud there are new transactions (e.g. F3245 Manage Fixed Assets) for much of the maintenance, so this may change in the future. I have still included the GUI ones below to help find the correct app name and id.


GUI transaction GUI name Fiori app equivalent Fiori app id Comments
AB01, AB01L, , ABSO, ABSOL Create Asset Transactions Post miscellaneous transaction ABSOL  
AB02,AB03   Manage Fixed Assets
Asset Transactions
F1684 Accessed from asset master worklist, or asset transactions, you can see all the transactions posted to an asset as well as other master data information
AB08 Other Asset Document Reverse Journal Entry AB08  
ABAA, ABAAL Unplanned Depreciation Post Depreciation Manually Unplanned and Planned ABAAL  
ABAO, ABAOL, ABAON Asset Sale Without Customer Post Retirement (Non-Integrated) Without Customer ABAON  
ABAV, ABAVL, ABAVN Asset retirement by Scrapping Post retirement by Scrapping ABAVN  
ABGF, ABGFL Credit memo in Next Year Post Credit Memo in year after Invoice ABGFL  
ABGLL Credit Memo in Invoice Year Post Credit Memo in year of invoice ABGLL  
ABMA, ABMAL Manual Depreciation Post Manual Depreciation ABMA  
ABNA, ABNAN Post Capitalization Post Post Capitalization ABNAN (Name of app is Post “post capitalization”)
ABST , ABST2 Reconciliation FI-AA N/A N/A No longer exists and not necessary in S/4HANA
ABT1, ABT1L, ABT1N Intercompany Transfer Asset Transfer Intercompany  ABT1L  
ABUB Transfer Between Areas N/A N/A No longer exists in S/4HANA
ABUM, ABUMN Transfer Within Company Code (Intracompany) Post Transfer Within Company Code ABUMN  
ABZON, ABZOL Acquisition with Automatic Offsetting Entry Post Acquisition (Non-Integrated) with Automatic Offsetting Entry  ABZOL  
ABZU, ABZUL Write-Up Post Write-Up ABZUL  
AFAB, AFABN Depreciation Schedule Asset Accounting Jobs F1914 Depreciation Posting Run Template
AFAR Recalculate Depreciation Schedule Asset Accounting Jobs F1914 Recalculate Depreciation template
AFBP Depreciation Display Logs Schedule Asset Accounting Jobs F1914 Logs shown on overview page
AIAB Distribute Define Distribution Rules for AuC AIAB  
AIBU Settle Execute Settlement for AuC AIBU  
AJAB Year-End Closing Asset Accounting  Make Company Code Settings FAA_CMP  
AR01 Asset Balances Asset Balances F1617A &F1617  Multi-dimensional (Design Studio & Accessible reports)
AR02 Asset history Asset history Sheet F1615A & F1615 Multi-dimensional (Design Studio & Accessible reports)
AR03 , S_P99_41000192 Depreciation, Posted depreciation by asset and Posting Period Depreciation Lists F1616 Add posting Period into column grouping in settings
AR19 Asset Transactions Asset Transactions F1614  
ARJW Carry Forward Balances Carry Forward Balances F1596 Part of G/L now. F1596 carries forward G/L, AP, AR and Asset Balances
AS01 Create Asset Create Asset AS01  
AS02 Change Asset Change Asset AS02  
AS03 Display Asset Display Asset AS03  
AS04 Changes to Asset Changes to asset master record S_ALR_87012037  
AS05 Lock/Block Asset Block Asset AS05  
AS06 Delete Asset Delete Asset AS06  
AS11 Create Asset Sub-Number Create subnumber AS11  
AS21 Create Group Asset Create Group Asset AS21  
AS22 Change Group Asset Change Group Asset AS22  
AS23 Display Group Asset Display Group Asset AS23  
AS24 Create Group Asset Sub-Number Create Group Subnumber AS24  
AS25 Block Group Asset   AS25 Fiori library description may currently not be correct 
AS26 Delete Group Asset Delete Group Asset AS26  
AS91 Create Legacy Data Create Legacy Data AS91 Note that the takeover values have been removed in S/4HANA
AS94 Create Legacy Asset Subnumber Create Legacy Asset Subnumber  AS94  
ASKBN Post Periodically  N/A N/A No longer exists in S/4HANA
AUVA Incomplete Assets Display Asset Master Worklist F1592 Does a lot more, overview of all assets and statuses with drilldown
AW01N Fixed Asset explorer Manage Fixed Assets
Asset Values
Manage fixed assets can only be accessed by Asset Master Worklist (F1592)
AW01N is the same transaction but called Asset Values in Fiori
F-90 Acquisition with Vendor Post Acquisition (Integrated AP) Without Purchase Order F-90  
F-92 Sale with Revenue to Customer Post Retirement (Integrated AR) With Customer F-92  



Fiori Apps with no GUI Equivalent

Fiori App Fiori App Id Comments
Asset Accounting Overview F3096 Shows number of KPIs and allows drilldown
Make Company Code Settings FAA_CMP Set, close & open yearend as well as make settings for legacy data transfer
Display Asset Master Worklist F1592 View individual assets and their status and drill down to Manage Fixed Assets (F1684)

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