request sap trainingIf only you could make all the SAP training decisions at work! Fortunately, you have the next best thing and we have done most of the work for you - with a generic email template you can use with your boss.  

Even though this template is a great starting point, you need to consider the following before you hit the send button: 

  1. Have I clearly communicated what I need? Have you properly researched the SAP skills you want to improve and the current training options available at your company? When you include details, you demonstrate that you have done your research and are committed to finding the best solution. 

  2. Have I communicated the benefits of receiving SAP training? Are you effectively communicating the benefits of receiving SAP training through Michael Management? In this email you need to demonstrate how gaining the requested skills training will benefit your team, your department and your company as a whole.

  3. Timing is everything. Choosing the right time to ask your boss about training can make all the difference. If you know that the budget is tight or if the person calling the shots is in a bad mood, simply hold off. 

  4. Understand your current options, and confidently stand by your choice. Do your research, if your boss presents an alternative solution you can have a convincing counter-argument prepared.

Are you ready to get the discussion started? Click to download the email template


Sample Decision Maker Template


Hello {Decision Maker},

I am requesting approval for online SAP training through Michael Management, a recognized and leading eLearning provider. Their training platform includes 1000s of hands-on simulations and expert-led courses that give step-by-step directions on performing the typical transactions I work with every day.

This training is focused on what matters most – the job at hand. I will have unlimited access to the entire course library. If there is something I need to learn, I can find a course or lesson that teaches it and use the new knowledge on the very same day.

This training is also cloud-based, so there is nothing to download or install. I can work this around my current work schedule and can do this at my desk. All I need is a headset and 20 minutes a day to get started.

Consider the alternatives:

1) pay extra money so I can attend several training workshops
2) hire a consultant or trainer for substantially more money
3) peer-to-peer training (assuming we can find a resource), rearranging two separate schedules and many hours of lost productivity to the company.

I am confident that this training is going to help me become more efficient and productive at my job. Please consider purchasing this subscription for me for $1599/year (all-in, no additional fees).

For details please review this:

Thank you,
[Your Signature]


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Michael Management Corporation (MMC) is an award-winning provider of hands-on SAP training simulations for global enterprises, government agencies and medium-sized businesses. MMC enables organizations to maximize business performance and minimize financial reporting errors through a combination of SAP eLearning content and SAP sandbox systems.
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