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Tom has been a Business Analyst since long before it was called business analysis. He has over 30 years of experience in the fields of information technology, methodologies, and business analysis. In his writings and lectures, he strives for enlightening while entertaining. He has taught thousands of students business and systems analysis skills since the 1980s. He has facilitated hundreds of requirements discovery sessions under a variety of acronyms (JAD, ASAP, JADr, JRP, User Story Workshops, etc). As a team, Angela and Tom Hathaway have developed courses and trained, consulted, mentored, and coached tens of thousands of business analysts around the world for hundreds of organizations from small businesses to Fortune 100. They focus on how to improve the process of defining future IT applications for Agile, Lean, and Waterfall Software Development Methodologies. Current and past customers include TIAA-CREF (Financial), Cathay Pacific (Airline), Manitoba Telecom Services (Telecommunications), Starwood Hotels and Resorts (Hospitality), government agencies, and a myriad of organizations spanning all sizes and industries. Tom and Angela's training, consulting, and mentoring efforts have saved their customers around the world millions of dollars. They can help your organization evolve and improve your conversational user interface, business analysis, and UX Design practices.

Courses by Tom Hathaway

Data Flow Diagrams - Process Modeling Techniques

Data Flow Diagrams - Process Modeling Techniques

This course uses a concrete business scenario to present a simple, easy-to-learn approach for creati...


Lean Business Use Cases in an Agile World

Lean Business Use Cases in an Agile World

Lean Use Cases are becoming the de facto standard for communicating functional requirements in Lean ...


Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean / Agile World

Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean / Agile World

This course provides a proven set of lean/agile business analysis techniques. After completion, you ...


Understanding Lean / Agile Business Analysis

Understanding Lean / Agile Business Analysis

The process of defining IT requirements is evolving rapidly. User Stories, Epics, Features, and Scen...


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Carole Tchanmene

I really was expecting this course to ring like a foreign language in my ears. I am delightful by its content and by the trainer's delivery of it. He's managed to simplified and clarified the LEAN & AGILE methodologies; which I now understand. This training gives some confidence to those "self-taught" BA like me, who have been doing business analysis for years without no other training or support but their common sense. I definitely recommend this training course.

Santharam Sivalenka

Very helpful course on "Lean Business Use cases", the underscoring point is Lean is a philosophy - this is very well narrated by the author aand the course is crafted with Master class standard- the experience is very well reflected, Many Thanks

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