Alex  Kostritsa

Alex Kostritsa

My name is Alex. For more than 8 years I've have worked in the role of Project Manager in an Agile environment. I have experience working with different business domains including e-commerce, social networks, and gambling. As a Software Manager, I try to keep myself tuned and continue my own self-development. As of now, I am the holder of the following certificates which confirms my knowledge in various areas: KMP, APM, PSPO, PSM/CSM, CTFL, CTFL-AT

Courses by Alex  Kostritsa

Magento 2 Essential Training

Magento 2 Essential Training

This Magento 2 course gives merchants, marketing managers, and shop admins all the info needed to se...


Agile Scrum - from Zero to Scrum Master

Agile Scrum - from Zero to Scrum Master

In this course, you will learn how to compare traditional/waterfall workflow and approach methods wi...


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Kimberly Queenan

Wonderful class! I have been a Sr. Developer as an independent consultant in many IT departments over the years-- usually brought in for the Development Team. I have worked on some Agile/Scrum projects, and on some that were Traditional. However, it is nice to see the FULL picture of Agile/Scrum Framework. It puts many of the unknown pieces and/or questions I had (roles, reasons things were done a certain way) to rest. Extremely productive. I am looking forward to working on more SAP Agile/Scrum projects. Thank you. Kim

Santharam Sivalenka

Good course on Scrum master fundamentals,

3.8 Average Rating

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