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Dorian Salmon

SAP Software Designer, Developer, Technical Author & Mentor

SAP-certified Technical Consultant / Business Process Expert with over 30 years experience in Systems and Application programming, specializing in SAP UI5 / Fiori, EDI / IDOCs, and SAP 3rd-Party integration. SAP-trained in NetWeaver Application Server, ABAP Objects, Business Workflow, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM / Archiving). Extensive application development experience using ABAP Objects, Business Server Pages (BSP), Web Requests, Web Services, ECC Enhancement Framework, Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEWB), People-Centric User Interface (PC-UI), Web-UI, Model / View / Controller (MVC) Programming, Business Workflow, ABAP List Viewer (ALV), Dynpro screens, Fiori, UI5, Screen Personas. Experienced with CRM Middleware configuration & programming, NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (XI) / Process Integration (PI), NetWeaver Portal, SAP Mobile technology, SAP Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Trade Funds Management (TFM), Trade Chargeback Management (TCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Archiving / Data Volume Management (DVM), SAP ERP, SAP ECC, EDI & IDOC interfaces. Technical team leader, experienced in maintaining coding standards, technical documentation, and ASAP methodologies. Specialties: SAP Enterprise Services Architecture, CRM, R/3, ECC, SRM, Middleware, EDI, IDOCs, NetWeaver Application Server, People-Centric User Interface (PC-UI), Web-UI, NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure, NetWeaver Portal, SAP & PBS Data Archiving tools, SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Technical design/project blue-printing. Technical training / mentoring / knowledge transfer.

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ABAP Programming Best Practices

ABAP Programming Best Practices

The course demonstrates the advantages of ABAP Objects over the Classic ABAP programming style and t...


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Marnie Stutts
Marnie Stutts

This was a great course with overview and great examples to see how and the code to practice.

Thomas Golda
Thomas Golda

Excellent info...

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