Diogene Ntirandekura

Diogene Ntirandekura

I am an expert SAP consultant in MM, CS, and PM with 10 years of experience as a functional consultant. I am the owner of ERP Happy, am bilingual French-English and have worked in Europe, Asia, and North America. My mission is to help organizations successfully complete their business transformation through the implementation of new technologies. As an ERP consultant, I analyse and solve complex challenges through sound business analysis and proper project management. Whether you struggle to easily retrieve data, feel burdened by too many systems or simply want to improve your existing processes, I am happy to contribute to the easing of those pains.   

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S/4 HANA Plant Maintenance Notifications

S/4 HANA Plant Maintenance Notifications

Are you new to Plant Maintenance in SAP? In this course, you will learn key details required to mana...


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Sunil Thakur
Sunil Thakur

Very professional teaching. I got connected throughout all of the lesson. Speech was very well paced and explanation was detailed relevant to the point and very well communicated. I wish he could have used pointer more frequently. Lesson 23, 24 were explained very fast- so I felt difficulty in understanding.

Thomas Golda
Thomas Golda

Excellent course and lots of great information. Thank you.

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