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Mckay Dunlap

Professional Data Technologist (BI/Big Data/Databases & Analytics)

With over 18 Years Business Intelligence, Analytics and Database Experience, including large-scale data analysis, database automation, Search, ETL, data warehousing, Big Data, development across diverse and often concurrent platforms/stacks, McKay built up an impressive working knowledge of broadcast, finance, retail, government, technology, transportation, international commerce, and labor sectors - leveraging whatever technology in use to its maximum potential.  

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Crystal Reports 101 Quick Start

Crystal Reports 101 Quick Start

This beginner-level course will explore Crystal v9-2016 via a cumulative series of practical exercis...


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Ben Heyworth
Ben Heyworth

McKay Dunlap's Crystal Reports 101 was clearly presented, easy to follow, and practical. Looking forward to taking Crystal Reports 102.

Thomas Michael

Great course and instructor.

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