Configuring SAP SD Freight Pricing

Configuring SAP SD Freight Pricing

You've learned basic SAP SD Pricing, now it's time to learn how to apply your knowledge. In this course, we will work an actual mini project, taking a set of real-world pricing requirements for a complex freight/shipping scenario and configure them. You will move your learning from theoretical to practical skills.

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Course Goal

  • Increase your understanding of how to work with and configure SD pricing
  • Expand your knowledge of freight scenarios and requirements in SAP
  • Understand the context and use of pricing within an SAP project


  • Consultants
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

Course Introduction
1 Welcome and Agenda Preview
2 Overview of Freight Pricing
Configuration Requirements
3 Reviewing a Freight Project Flow
4 Understanding the Optimal Solution
5 Why should we do Pricing?
6 Looking at the Business Requirements in our scenario
7 Looking at the Freight Design in SAP
8 Requirements Tracking in Excel
Configuration Steps
9 Performing the Initial Pricing Setup
10 Initial Pricing Setup - Part 2
11 Checking the Requirements Design
12 Freight Conditions ideas
13 Create ZD01 2 Defining Condition Types
14 ZD01 3 - Adding the new Freight Condition Type
15 ZD01 4 - Create a Condition Record and test
16 Checking our requirements so far
17 How to override a freight pricing
18 Configuring for oversize items
19 Creating the Access Sequence
20 Creating an Oversize Condition table
21 Analyzing a Failed Pricing Test
22 Why did it fail? Analyzing your Conditions
23 Creating / Changing a Condition Table
24 Configure an Exception Condition
25 Updating your Access Sequence
26 Configuring free shipping using Scales configuration
27 Configuring Discount Conditions
28 Configuring discounts based on Order Channel
29 Calculating Freight during delivery
30 Summary
31 Disclaimer


John Von Aspen

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John Von Aspen

SAP Consultant and Published Author

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Technology entrepreneur and author. A business technology expert with 20+ years of experience with SAP projects. Individual contributor with expertise in SAP Order to Cash processes, E-commerce, Credit Card integration, Service Management, CRM, and Logistics functionality.

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