SAP SD Enterprise Structure Configuration


SAP SD Enterprise Structure Configuration

This course covers the Enterprise Structure configuration for SAP's Sales & Distribution (SD) module. The course is essential for all SD consultants and Business Analysts wanting to configure SAP's SD module.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • Understand the main enterprise structure for the SD module
  • Set up Sales Organizations, Distribution Channels, Sales Offices, etc.
  • Set up and maintain organizational assignments


  • Consultants
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

Lesson Description
1 Define Sales Organization
2 Define Distribution Channel
3 Maintain Sales Office
4 Maintain Sales Group
5 Define Shipping Point
6 Maintain Loading Point
7 Maintain Division
8 Assign Sales Org to Company Code
9 Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization
10 Assign Division to Sales Organization
11 Set up Sales Area
12 Assign Sales Office to Sales Area
13 Assign Sales Group to Sales Office
14 Assign Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Plant
15 Assign Sales Area to Credit Control Area
16 Assign Shipping Point to Plant


Critical Prerequisites

  • Introduction to SAP Configuration  (CON101)
  • Basic SAP Skills  (SAP101)
  • Basic SAP Reporting Skills  (SAP110)

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Intermediate SAP Skills  (SAP102)
  • Intermediate SAP Reporting Skills  (SAP115)
  • A general understanding of logistics termsĀ 

Career Paths

This training course is included in the following SAP Career Paths:

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Level: Expert
Duration: 8 hours
Type:  Simulation
Delivery: Online, self-study
Release: ECC 6.0
Category: SAP Logistics
Exam:  100+ questions

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