SAP Training: SAP Order-to-Cash Optimization with CMIRs

SAP Order-to-Cash Optimization with CMIRs

This course provides you with a strong foundation in the SAP Customer Material Information Record (CMIR) that you can apply to SAP projects relating to order-to-cash optimization and more. You will start at the business process step, and work your way through master data, sales order/delivery scenarios and data modeling to advanced program customization.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • Understand how CMIRs fit in the order-to-cash business process and the benefits of their usage
  • Easily create and maintain CMIRs in SAP
  • Use CMIRs within the Order-to-Cash Process
  • Understand technical aspects of CMIRs and available customizations
  • Gain confidence in analyzing related requirements and recommending solutions that require CMIRs


  • Consultants
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members

Lesson Plan

Lesson Description Preview
Customer Material Info Record (CMIR) Course Overview
1 Introduction & Welcome to CMIRs for OTC Usage Preview
2 Section overview & course time line
CMIRs in the Order to Cash Business Process
3 CMIR Business Process Applications
CMIR Display: step by step walk through & explanation
4 CMIR Master Data Setup Step by Step Introduction
5 CMIR Access via Menu and Transaction
6 CMIR Selection-Screen - Easily finding a CMIR record
7 Display CMIR records & detailed review of CMIR fields for OTC usage
CMIR Create & Change
8 Create new CMIR records
9 CMIR change & change history usage
CMIR Order to Cash Usage
10 CMIRs in OTC Overview: Sales Document & Delivery processing
11 CMIR Sales Order Plant Determination Example - Part 1: Overview
12 CMIR Sales Order Plant Determination Part 2 - System walk through
13 CMIR Delivery Example: CMIR Field Attributes in Delivery Processing
14 CMIR OTC Control Data Example: Item Usage
15 CMIR OTC Rounding Profile Example
Advanced CMIR Topics: Technical Aspects
16 Review and analyze the CMIR Data Model
17 CMIR Detailed Data Analysis
18 CMIR Program Usage Overview: High level walk through of CMIR program usage
19 CMIR User Exit Usage: Detailed look at a User Exit for CMIR Determination
20 CMIR Function Module and Bapi Usage
Course Wrap Up & Next Steps
21 Wrap-up, Next Steps & Thank you!
Bonus Section 1: Related Functionality
22 Using a CMIR in an IDOC for EDI & ecommerce processing
23 Other similar functions not to be confused with a CMIR


Devon Winters

4.4 Average Rating

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SAP SD OTC Consultant & fan

Southlake, Texas, US

Consultant with 20+ years of SAP software experience, helping organizations optimize and enhance their O2C/OTC (order-to-cash) processes. This includes all SAP-SD functions, as well as MM/FICO/PP, CRM, APO-gATP, AFS, IS-Retail, Warehouse, Transportation, eComm & Blockchain integration.  Industry experience in Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical, High-Tech, Bio-Chemical, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Textiles, HVAC, Steel, Financial, Software Development, and Media. Significant time spent in designing solutions, business process improvement,  SAP configuration, testing, training, and pre-sales.

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Language: English
Level: Beginner
Duration: 3.0 hours
Type:  Instructor-led
Delivery: Online, instructor-led
Release: ECC 6.0
Category: SAP Logistics

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