Resilience in Business

Resilience in Business

This course is a practical action-oriented course designed to give you the tools, tips, and strategies to increase your resilience in life and work and to build the resilience of your business or workplace. If you are not in a managerial position you may prefer the Resilience for life and work course, as it will be more relevant to you.

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Course Goal

  • Understand more about resilience in life and at work and how to be more resilient
  • Gain insight into how to build business and workplace resilience
  • Receive a wealth of practical tools, tips and strategies to increase your resilience in the workplace
  • Develop and implement a personalized resilience action plan
  • Put strategies in place to increase your resilience in life and work

Who This Training Is For

  • All SAP professionals
  • Consultants
  • Executives and Managers
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members


  • Certificate of Completion (more certification info)
  • Upon successful completion of this course, receive your Resilience in Business certificate


Liz Makin

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Liz Makin

Business coach, mentor & stress management consultant

Liz is an online course instructor with courses in communication, stress management and time management for business, work and life. As well as being an online course instructor, Liz is an experienced business coach, business mentor, and stress management consultant with over 25 years of business experience at senior management and director level, as well as a Masters degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change. Liz has been running her own business since 2002, which provides business coaching, business mentoring, and stress management to business owners, directors, managers, and professionals from small and medium-sized companies to international organizations. Liz support clients to maximise the performance of their business, to maximise their own personal performance at work, in dealing with high levels of stress at work or in their business, when going through stressful and challenging times and in managing stress and building resilience to stress over time in life and at work.

Student Feedback

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Language: English
Level: Beginner
Duration: 2.5 hours
Type:  Instructor-led
Category: Personal Development

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