Prototyping with SAP Build

Prototyping with SAP Build

This course teaches you prototyping basics and how to utilize SAP Build in the design process.  You will learn how to create & manage SAP design projects & prototypes from scratch as well as from the gallery, how to use the UI Editor to customize screens, how to run studies for feedback, and how to add data to make your prototypes come to life. 

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Course Goal

  • Understand the value of prototyping and the role of SAP Build in the process
  • Learn how to create and manage projects and prototypes
  • Utilize the SAP Build Gallery to quickly create prototypes
  • Learn data modeling and how to incorporate real data into prototypes


  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members
  • System Administrators


Lesson Plan

Introduction and Overview
1 Meet Your Instructors and Course Overview Preview
Prototyping and SAP Build
2 What is Prototyping?
3 SAP Build Overview
4 Accessing the SAP Build Environment
5 SAP Build Solution Tour
Working with Projects
6 Creating a Project From the Gallery
7 Creating a Project From Scratch
8 Managing Personas
9 Using the Page Map
10 Managing Files
The UI Editor
11 UI Editor Overview
12 Working with Controls on the Canvas
13 Working with Advanced Controls
Working with Data
14 Overview of Data Modeling
15 Modeling and Editing Data
16 Using Data in Prototypes
Prototype Next Steps
17 Previewing & Publishing Your Prototype
18 User Studies
Putting it all Together
19 Putting It All Together
Summary and Appendix
20 Course Summary
21 Appendix


Jon Yagos

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Jon Yagos

Sr. Solution Engineer

I am a Presales professional with experience in partnering with customers to help them understand the value of technology across their enterprise as people and processes grow and change. In my short 10-year career, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to wear many hats both as part of business and technology teams. Because of this, I’m currently focused on selling and supporting database and data management enterprise applications, as well as cloud based development and extension platforms.

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