Product Cost Controlling: End-to-End Scenario

Product Cost Controlling: End-to-End Scenario

In this course, we will build a realistic end-to-end costing scenario based on a real-life example. As Product Costing can’t be understood without also discussing Cost Elements/Cost Centers, we will also review the fundamentals of Controlling (CO). After this course, you will have a good understanding of how costing works and be ready to start implementing advanced costing scenarios in your own SAP system.

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Course Goal

  • Understand how Costing is integrated with SAP Financial Accounting and Production Planning
  • Understand how Product Costing works in SAP
  • Create advanced costing scenarios in the system


  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

1 Course Introduction Preview
Fundamentals of Product Costing
2 Introduction - Elements/Terms/Scenario
3 Key Concepts in Product Cost Controlling
Cost Planning Master Data
4 Introduction to Cost Planning
5 Master Data - Cost Elements
6 Master Data - Cost Centers
7 Master Data - Activity Types
8 Master Data - Material Master Data
9 Master Data - Bill of Materials
10 Master Data - Master Recipe
11 Master Data - Statistical Key Figures
Cost Planning
12 Activity Independent Cost Planning
13 Activity Quantity Planning
14 Statistical Key Figure Planning
15 Distribution Cycles for Planned Costs
16 Assessment Cycles for Planned Costs
17 Cost Splitting for Planned Costs
18 Planned Activity Price Calculation
19 Costing Sheet Configuration
20 Costing Variant, Valuation Variant & Cost Component Structure
21 Costing Run
Actual Costing
22 Introduction to Actual Costing
23 Creating a Process Order
24 Posting Goods Issue & Confirming Activities
25 Posting Goods Receipt
Month-End Closing
26 Month-End Closing - Posting Actual Costs
27 Month-End Closing - Actual SKF Values
28 Month-End Closing - Actual Distributions/Assessments
29 Month-End Closing - Actual Cost Splitting & Actual Activity Price Calc.
30 Month-End Closing - Actual Costing Sheet Overhead Calculation
31 Month-End Closing - Order Revaluation
32 Month-End Closing - Work-in-Progress & Variance Calculation
33 Month-End Closing - Settlement Posting
34 Month-End Closing - Distribution of Usage Variances
Closing Remarks
35 Summary
36 Course Handout - PDF
37 Master Data Spreadsheet


Tommi Riihimaki

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Tommi Riihimaki

SAP Consultant

I'm a passionate SAP consultant loving to share my knowledge and experience with students from around the world. I have been part of countless large-scale SAP implementations around the world and am currently a senior associate for a large company based out of Helsinki. In addition, I have worked as an SAP consultant for several years, spearheading several projects. My areas of expertise include FICO, MM and SD.

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