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Networking Skills For Maximum Success

Networking skills can transform your business or your career. This course will provide you with actionable and informative approaches to help you learn the power of networking. It's quite simple - the more people that know us and like us, directly affects our success. You will learn tactics for establishing new contacts, boosting your own likeability, and how to reach out to others who will be rooting for you and will help you succeed.     

43 Enrolled (3) Beginner

Course Goal

  • Learn how to establish rapport and trust
  • Learn the secret of giving to get
  • Understand the power of a great mentor
  • Gain knowledge on establishing new contacts
  • Learn how to network in a professional setting

Who This Training Is For

  • All SAP professionals


  • Formal final exam (timed and graded, see sample SAP exam)
  • Certificate of Completion (more certification info)
  • Upon successful completion of this course, receive your Networking Skills For Maximum Success certificate

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Paul Cline

CEO - Owner

4.8 Instructor Rating

"Prof. Paul" - Serial Entrepreneur and Business, Psychology & Health/Fitness Expert. CEO at Advanced Ideas, Inc, Award Winning University Professor, Therapist, Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert, and Business Consultant. I have four advanced degrees, extensive experience in the fields of Business, Psychology & Health/Fitness Expert ... and a wealth of information to share! Our goal is to transform your life! Gain an unfair advantage in life by learning from the best. Advanced Ideas, Inc. is a top online education company dedicated to bringing you the best cutting-edge tools from an award-winning educator, businessman, and celebrity.

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How To Deal With Difficult People
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Come check out these courses and all my latest content!

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What’s included

  • Language: English
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 1.0 Hrs
  • Type: Instructor-led
  • Releases:
  • Category: Personal Development

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