MRP Strategies in SAP

MRP Strategies in SAP

In this course, you will deep dive into the different MRP strategies that are preconfigured in the SAP ERP tool. You will learn the concepts for Make To Stock (MTS) strategies, Make To Order (MTO) strategies, and Component Level strategies. When you have completed this course you will be able to pair the right material requirement planning strategy for every possible business scenario.

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Course Goal

  • Understand MRP Strategies concepts
  • Recognize which MRP strategy is the best fit for your business scenario
  • Learn Make To Stock and Make To Order Strategies
  • Understand Planning at the Component Level
  • Learn Multi Use Strategies for selling spare parts


  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts


Lesson Plan

1 Meet your Instructor and Course Agenda/Goals Preview
MRP Strategy Overview
2 Overview of MRP Strategies
Make To Stock (MTS) Strategies
3 Strategy 40 - Planning with Final Assembly
4 Strategy 40 - Demo in SAP
5 Strategy 10 - Net Requirements Planning
6 Strategy 10 - Demo in SAP
7 Strategy 11 - Gross Requirements Planning
8 Strategy 11 - Demo in SAP
Make To Order Strategies
9 Strategy 50 - Planning without Final Assembly
10 Strategy 50 - Demo in SAP
11 Strategy 20 - Make To Order Production
12 Strategy 20 - Demo in SAP
Planning at Component Level Strategies
13 Strategy 70 - Planning at Assembly Level
14 Strategy 70 - Demo in SAP
15 Strategy Z3 - Combined Sales and Production Plan
16 Strategy Z3 - Demo in SAP
17 Strategy 40 - Separate Plan for Sales and Production
18 Strategy 40 - Demo in SAP
Course Wrap up
19 Summary
20 Course Handout - PDF


Matt Hunt

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Matt Hunt

SAP Solution Architect

Matt has over 16 years experience using SAP ECC in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing space. Matt's current role as a technical lead for one of the largest consumer product goods companies in the world has taken him around the globe as he has trained over a thousand users in the SAP PP, MM, and LE modules. Matt has experience working on both the supply chain operational side as well as the IT technical side, so his courses are designed for both end users as well as IT Professionals.

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