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Microsoft Project 2019 Advanced

If you’re a Project Manager and you’ve been using Microsoft Project but haven’t yet had time to learn all of the in-depth functionalities, then this Microsoft Project 2019 Advanced online course is for you. This course starts where our beginner's course ends and helps you handle more complex project management scenarios.

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Course Goal

  • Build upon the MS Project Beginning-Intermediate Course to have a more comprehensive understanding of Projects functionalities
  • To be confident in producing bespoke reports for important stakeholders from MS Project
  • Able to set up recurring tasks and automate work in MS Project
  • Be able to use Outline and WBS codes in your projects

Who This Training Is For

  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members
  • System Administrators


  • Formal final exam (timed and graded, see sample SAP exam)
  • Certificate of Completion (more certification info)
  • Upon successful completion of this course, receive your Microsoft Project 2019 Advanced certificate

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Simon Calder

Teaching Business Software

4.6 Instructor Rating

The IT in Simon Sez IT stands for Information Technology. In a nutshell: We make business and technical software simple to learn. We teach people to use the most popular business software including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Photoshop, Web Design, and QuickBooks. Self-paced, affordable software training is what Simon Sez IT is all about. We only hire the best authors to teach and our style is to take the time to explain things in the detail they deserve. That means our courses are perfect if you're new to a certain technology or just technology shy in general. Chris "Simon" Calder was working as a Project Manager in IT for one of Los Angeles's most prestigious cultural institutions, LACMA. He taught himself to use Microsoft Project from a giant textbook and hated every moment of it. Online learning was in its infancy then, but he spotted an opportunity and made an online MS Project course which he sold on DVD via eBay. Fast forward to now and Simon Sez IT has taught hundreds of thousands of students through its online course platform and popular YouTube channel.

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What’s included

  • Language: English
  • Level: Expert
  • Duration: 8.0 Hrs
  • Type: Instructor-led
  • Releases: Enterprise Software
  • Category: Technology

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