SAP Training: Introduction to HANA Models with ADBC Programming

Introduction to HANA Models with ADBC Programming

In this course, you will learn the clear differences and use cases for HANA Views through discussion and live demo examples. If you do not know how to consume HANA Views in SAP or you do not know how to connect to HANA Database & retrieve data using Models (Views), then this course is a must for you. This course includes code samples for download.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • Introduce the participants to HANA Information Models
  • Learn how to consume HANA Models and View Proxys in ABAP Programs
  • Learn about HTC HANA Transport Container
  • Learn ADBC Programming for S/4HANA ABAP
  • Understand Analytical Calculation Views


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  • Developers
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members

Lesson Plan

Lesson Description Preview
1 Introduction and Course Goals Preview
2 Meet your Instructor
HANA Information Model (HANA View) Concepts
3 What is the need of an Information Model?
4 What does an Information Model look like?
5 What are the different types of Information Models?
6 What are the different types of Data in SAP ERP?
7 What are the different types of Engines in HANA?
8 What are Dimension, KPI, Fact and Measure?
9 Some Examples of Dimensions and Facts
10 What is the Star Schema in HANA?
11 What is an Attribute View?
12 Example - Attribute View
13 Example - Join of an Attribute View with Sample Output
14 What is an Analytical View?
15 Example - Analytical View
16 Example - Join of an Analytical View with Sample Output
17 Graphical Representation & Analysis of an Analytical View
18 What is a Calculation View?
19 Example - Calculation View
20 Example - Join of a Calculation View with Sample Output
Hands on Exercise Demos
21 Welcome to Part 2 - The Hands On Session
22 How do we consume HANA Models in SAP ABAP?
23 What is View Proxy?
24 Are HANA Models & View Proxies Equivalent?
25 Taking a look at the steps to Create View Proxy
26 Exercise 1 - Create your first View Proxy / Demo in HANA Studio
27 Exercise 2 - Check View Proxy in GUI / Demo in HANA Studio
28 Tak a look at the steps to Display View Proxy Data in GUI & in ADT
29 Exercise 3 - Display View Proxy Data in GUI & ADT / Demos
30 Why can we NOT display data for some View Proxy in SE16?
31 Why we cannot Preview Data for some View Proxy in ADT as well?
32 Exercise 4 - Synchronize HANA Model changes in View Proxy
33 FYI - Introduction to ABAP7.4 for S/4HANA Course at MMC
34 Exercise 5 - Consume HANA View Proxy in ABAP Program
35 How are HANA Models Transported across SAP Landscape?
36 Graphical Explanation of Transport of HANA Models
37 Problems & Solution for HANA Model Transport Issues
38 What is HANA Transport Container (HTC)?
39 What is ADBC (ABAP DataBase Connectivity)?
40 8 Common Steps used in ADBC Programming
41 Exercise 6 - ADBC Programming in ECC 6 - DEMO 1
42 Exercise 6 - ADBC Programming in ECC 6 - DEMO 2
43 Exercise 7 - ADBC Programming with ABAP 7.4 non-HANA DB - DEMO
44 Exercise 8 - ADBC in S/4HANA & Debug all 3 Programs - DEMO
45 Exercise 9 - End to End ADBC Programming - DEMO 1
46 Exercise 9 - End to End ADBC Programming - DEMO 2
47 Exercise 10 - End to End Debugging of ADBC in S/4HANA - DEMO
48 Salient Features of ADBC
Take Away from the Course and Wrap Up
49 Course Summary
What Next? Action Plan for the Participants
50 What Next?
Custom Program Code Snippets from the Course
51 End to End ADBC Program in S/4HANA
Course Hand Out PDF
52 Course Hand Out PDF


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Language: English
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