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Equality and Diversity: Using PCS Analysis

Neil Thompson is a highly respected author whose work on equality and diversity has been the mainstay of course curricula at many universities. At the heart of his theoretical approach is PCS analysis. In this course, he explains what PCS analysis is and shows how it can be used to make sense of the complexities involved. As such, it is an essential foundation for promoting equality and diversity. The course is critical of approaches to equality and diversity that focus mainly or exclusively on the individual or personal level and have little or nothing to say about the wider context.

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Course Goal

  • Become aware of the dangers of oversimplifying issues relating to equality and diversity
  • Learn about how PCS analysis can be a useful framework for making sense of the complexities
  • Be more confident in promoting equality and diversity
  • Appreciate that discrimination operates at different, but interesecting levels

Who This Training Is For

  • All SAP professionals


  • Formal final exam (timed and graded, see sample SAP exam)
  • Certificate of Completion (more certification info)
  • Upon successful completion of this course, receive your Equality and Diversity: Using PCS Analysis certificate

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Neil Thompson

Human relations, well-being and leadership expert

4.6 Instructor Rating

Dr. Neil Thompson is a well-published and highly respected expert in human relations and well-being. Formerly a university professor in the UK, for over twenty years now he has been an independent writer, educator, and adviser. His books include People Management (2013), The Authentic Leader (2016) Promoting Equality: Working with Diversity and Difference (4th edn, 2018) and Effective Communication (3rd edn, 2018) all published by Red Globe Press, and Loss, Grief and Trauma in the Workplace (2009) and Mental Health and Well-being: Alternatives to the Medical Model (2019) published by Routledge. He has considerable experience as a consultant and workshop facilitator.

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