SAP Training: Debugging ABAP for SAP Functional Teams
Debugging ABAP for SAP Functional Teams


Debugging ABAP for SAP Functional Teams

If you are a non-technical SAP Consultant or end-user, this course will help you learn how to debug your company SAP programs and become more effective at your work. If you are a Technical SAP Consultant, this course will increase your knowledge and enhance your debugging skills.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • Overview of debugging for ABAP
  • View hands-on real time debugging of standard custom objects
  • Understand the debugging screen processes
  • Learn to be an independent debugger


  • Consultants
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members
  • System Administrators

Lesson Plan

Lesson Description Preview
1 Meet your Instructor Preview
2 What is Debugger?
3 Detailed Agenda
Part I - Identifying ABAP Code
4 Identify Custom & Standard Program & Sub Routines
5 Identify Functional Module
6 Identify Local Class, Standard & Custom Global Class
7 Identify Class Methods
8 How to view the Message details
Part II - Get Comfortable with Debugging Screen
9 How to Start & Stop Debugger
10 Check the description of the displayed program
11 How to track the current position of the Debugger Cursor
12 Understanding the Icon Strip
13 A look at the Desktop Strip
14 What is Variable Fast Display?
15 How to check System Variables
Part III - Get Comfortable with Debugging Process, Power & Steps
16 Understanding Local and Global Variables
17 Changing Field Contents
18 Changing Table Contents
19 Insert/Delete/Modify Table Contents at Run Time
20 Display & Save Table Contents at Run Time
21 Reverse Action & Skip Jumps in Debugger
22 Program Progress in the Debugger
23 Dynamic Breakpoints - Practical Choice
24 Dynamic Breakpoints - Practical Choice (continued)
25 Watchpoints - Breakpoints attached to Conditions
Part IV - Advanced Debugging
26 Advanced Debugging - Intro
27 4.1 - Debug T-Code SE16N
28 Steps to make T-Code SE16N Editable
29 Demonstration - Steps to make SE16N Editable
30 4.2 - Debugging Pop Up Screens
31 How to Debug Pop Up Screens
32 Demonstration - Steps to Debug Pop Up Screens
33 4.3 - Debugging Finished Background Jobs
34 Demonstration - Debugging Completed Background Jobs
35 4.4 - Debugging Active Background Processes
36 Demonstration - Debugging Active Background Processes
37 4.5 - Debugging Methods of BOR Objects
38 Demonstration - Debugging Methods of BOR Objects
39 4.6 - Debugging Enhancements in Standard Code
40 Demonstration - Debugging Enhancements
Part V - Time for Hands On Debugging
41 Debugging Hands On - Intro
42 Debugger - A Learning Tool
43 Detailed Debugging of Custom Program - 1
44 Detailed Debugging of Custom Program - 2
45 Why Debug Standard T-Codes?
46 Debug T-Code ME22N
47 Debug T-Code ME21N
48 Debug T-Code F-43
49 Tips for Functional Consultants
Take Away from the Course and Wrap Up
50 Course Summary
What Next? Action Plan for the Participants
51 What Next for the Participants?
Custom Program Code Snippets from the Course
52 1 - Pop Up Screen Debugger Code Snippet
53 2 - Custom Program Used in this Course
Course Hand Out PDF
54 Course Hand Out


Raju Shrestha

4.7 Average Rating

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SAP ABAP (ex-IBM & creator of

Houston, TX, US

Raju is the founder of the popular SAP Technical knowledge sharing site He is an ABAP Consultant with more than 12 years of experience, who has helped clients in Automation, Heavy Machinery, Pharma, and Energy Industries. Groomed and Trained by the Big Blue i.e. IBM, where he served 8 years in different capacities viz Application Programmer, System Engineer, Team Lead and Advisory System Associate. Part of the Innovation Team who developed Automation Tools and Products. Official trainer at IBM Learning and Knowledge (L&K) Department. He is an enthusiast in SAP HANA, Odata and SAP Netweaver Gateway with a special interest in SAPUI5 and Fiori.

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Level: Beginner
Duration: 4.00 hours
Type:  Instructor-led
Delivery: Online, instructor-led
Release: ECC 6.0
Category: ABAP

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