Accounts Receivable Boot Camp

Accounts Receivable Boot Camp

Are you new to SAP A/R? In 60 minutes, we will target the entry/review of Order and manual Customer Invoices, processing cash receipts, run a Customer due-date age analysis report, and then drill down to line item details and audit documents. Includes a Reference Guide for common Accounts Receivable transactions.

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Course Goal

  • Learn how to enter and manage a basic Accounts Receivable Invoice
  • Process Sales Order related Billing Invoices
  • Understand Sales Order Invoice relevant fields
  • Navigate Accounts Receivable Reports - Summary and Details
  • Process Manual and Automatic Cash Receipts in SAP


  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

Welcome and Introduction
1 Welcome and Introduction Preview
Non-Sales Order Invoice Entry
2 Manual AR Invoice Entry
3 Manual AR Invoice Display Change and Reverse
Sales Order Invoice Entry
4 Display Sales Order Invoice related data
5 Create Sales Order Billing Document
6 Display Change and Reverse Billing Document
Basic Accounts Receivable Reporting
7 Display Customer Balances and Line Items
8 Display AR Open Item Age Analysis Report
Manual Cash Receipts and Clearing
9 Manual AR Cash Receipt
10 Clear and Match AR Open Items
Lockbox Electronic File Processing
11 Import Lockbox Electronic file from the bank
12 Matching and Post Processing
Summary and Appendix
13 Summary
14 Quick Reference Guide


Rob Leathem

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Rob Leathem

SAP Finance Architect

SAP S/4 Certified FI/CO Professional (MBA,BCOM) currently a SAP Finance Architect at Microsoft. Over 20 years international experience across North America, Europe, Brazil, Asia & Africa.  Expertise in Global Multi-currency Projects, Taxes, Integration with Supply Chain, Product Costing & Profitability Analysis.  Industry Experience - High tech, software, media, consumer products & manufacturing

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