SAP Access Setup

Thank you for purchasing SAP access from us. Please follow this guide to set up your SAP access.

To login to an SAP system you have to use the SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface).

There are 3 GUI options:



With the Web GUI you can login to our SAP systems with any supported web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge. You do not need to install anything on your computer and can login to the SAP system as soon as you receive your user ID and password. After you purchase SAP access, you will receive an email with your login info and Web GUI connection link.


SAP GUI for Windows

The standard and most widely-used GUI version. It must be downloaded and installed on your computer. To learn how to install this GUI please enroll in this free step-by-step training course:

How to install the SAP GUI (or download this print version).

Download the SAP GUI for Windows:


SAP GUI for Java (MAC computers)

If you have a MAC computer you should install this JAVA GUI version. Please follow these step-by-step instructions instead: SAP JAVA GUI Installation Guide.

Download the SAP JAVA GUI:

How to get support - Online Help Desk

We support all technical SAP problems and authorization issues. We do not, however, provide support for configuration, user procedures, or one-on-one training. To get support please open an SAP Help Desk Ticket.

Before submitting a ticket, please review these important help desk ticket instructions.

Note: Your SAP user ID and password will not work for the help desk. You have to register with the help desk first before you can create tickets.

When & How do I get my User ID?

Most user IDs are assigned within a couple of hours (or the next business day if you placed your order outside of our business hours. Your user ID, password and SAP connection information will come via email from Workflow System <> - make sure to check your spam settings/folders.

Trouble logging in?

If you experience any problems with your SAP access, please submit a ticket through the online SAP help desk. Make sure to include your user ID and a detailed description of the problem so that our support staff can help you as quickly as possible.

I forgot my password and/or have locked my own user ID

Click here to reset your SAP user/password.

Does my access expire?

Your subscription will remain active until you cancel it. We will bill your credit card automatically for your renewal. To cancel your subscription, simply send us an email.

Do I have access to every transaction in the system??

You have access to all user and configuration transactions for all areas. We restrict access to user maintenance and system administration functions to ensure a reliable environment to all SAP users.

If you have any problems with missing authorizations, please submit an SAP help desk ticket and include a screen shot of transaction SU53 so that we can analyze the issue.

Follow this link for instructions on how to create the SU53 report.

Can I get access to the ABAP Workbench?

Yes, you can but you need to purchase a developer's subscription because our regular user IDs do not include development access. Availability of ABAP user IDs is limited and assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Do I have access to LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench)?

Yes, your user ID has access to LSMW. Please make sure that your own LSMW objects start with ZM2B* as otherwise you will get an authorization error.

Is the system available at all times?

Almost just like everyone else we have to perform routine maintenance, upgrades and offline backups. Therefore, the system will be unavailable every first Saturday of each month. If additional downtime is required, we will announce the outage in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

Can I share my user ID?

No, you may not. All user IDs are for a single student and may not be shared. If we find you are sharing a user ID, we may terminate your account immediately without warning and will not issue any refunds. Please do not share your ID with anyone.

SAP Access Questions & Answers